Using Your LinkedIn Profile As Your Resume

According to Statista, over 433 million professionals make up the LinkedIn community. In today’s fast-paced world, headhunters and recruiters spend an average of 60 seconds reviewing a resume or LinkedIn Profile.

While resumes still have a place in today’s job search, LinkedIn profiles are taking resumes to a new level.

LinkedIn profiles are richer in content because they allow recommendations and endorsements from others. Both of these LinkedIn features add instant creditability. It carries a great deal of validity when your boss or former associates speak highly of you.

Your LinkedIn account takes your resume to a deeper level by allowing you to highlight your achievements, showcase your portfolio and accentuate other information. These features help you rocket to the top of the list.

Did you know there are LinkedIn Groups who encourage viewing numerous profiles? Multiple profile viewings can help your profile remain at the head of the list and increase your visibility to recruiters.

By placing a professional profile picture on your account, you gain more “face time”. In the late 80’s, adding your professional photo to your business card was very popular. Statistics indicated that clients were less likely to cover up this type of business card. Adding a professional profile picture allows you to become 3-dimensional in a virtual world.

LinkedIn is an excellent way to network with others. You never know where your connections will take you.

When you pair your resume and your LinkedIn profile together, success is just around the corner!

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