Did You Know That Networking Is Important to Your Job Search?

According to an article in the Denver Business Journal, written by Jim Blasingame, “Networking is actively making professional relationships, developing and maintaining those relationships, and leveraging them for the benefit of all parties.” Networking increases your hiring potential.

Did you ever wonder why you were not selected for the job when you had a perfect skill set and the interview went very well? One of the questions that you should ask yourself is, “Did I reach out to the hiring manager after the interview?” Writing a simple thank you email, with a link to an article you feel they would be interested in, is a great way to open the door for networking.

Did you ever wonder how top executives were selected for their position? While their skill set and experience plays a significant role, their ability to network factors into the hiring equation as well. Many executives were placed into their position because of their capacity to network with others. Networking confirms the applicant can build and maintain relationships. Networking is a vital part of the hiring process.

Did you ever wonder if reaching out to the hiring manager might be looked at as being too aggressive? Hiring managers understand how critical networking is in their working environment. They appreciate when a potential employee contacts them after their interview. Reaching out to them shows that you are willing to take a bold step, which many others are not taking.

It is always best to reach out in person, by phone or via email after your interview. It shows the hiring manager that you value relationships.

The individual who networks well realizes that it is not about the number of connections that you have, it’s the quality of meaningful relationships that you develop along the way.