Onboarding New Employees using the Three A’s

Congratulations, you have finally hired the perfect employee!! The next step is to onboard your new hire. The first few weeks are critical, not only to your company’s success, but to the new hire’s longevity and the value they will create for your business. So where do you start?

Onboarding is a costly endeavor, but when done correctly, your new employee can save you money in the long-term.

Onboarding expert, George Bradt suggest following the “Three A’s – Accommodate, Assimilate, and Accelerate.”

Accommodate – roll out the “welcome mat.” Give them a tour of the office. Introduce them to the key players within the company. Put together a “Getting to Know Us” package. This package can include small promo items that your company hands out or an overview of your business’s history, mission, and values. An employee contact list is also helpful.

Assimilate – after they have met the team, pair them with a mentor. This mentor should be from the department in which the new hire will be working in. Pairing the new hire with a guide will allow them to ask questions that are vital to their new role.

Accelerate – surveys show that new team members want to become productive as soon as possible, and not to be inundated with pages and pages of company policy information. Many employees state their reason for leaving is that they were not given a chance to become productive as soon as possible.

While there are many moving parts to the onboarding process, following the “Three A’s” will help ease the transition. I believe that many employees become long-term hires because they were shown how much the company cares for them in the early weeks of the onboarding process. Are you currently doing any or all of these three steps?