Tips on Writing a Better Job Description

Is your company growing at a rapid pace? Are you in need of hiring more employees? Are you unsure of how to write a job description that will be easily found and attract the right candidate?

According to a recent study from the Journal of Business Psychology, a well-written job description, void of elaborate wording and clichés, will attract higher quality candidates faster.

The job description should be written in a way that invites the applicant to want to learn more while keeping them engaged long enough to begin the submission process.

Here are some quick tips from Indeed that you can utilize to refine your job description:

  • Job Title
    • Be short, sweet, searchable and accurate
    • 5-80 characters are the preferred length
    • Avoid catchy wording
    • Describe the primary job responsibility
  • Job Description
    • The first sentence needs to grab the applicant’s attention
    • 700-2000 characters are the preferred length
    • Avoid flowery wording
    • Do not list too many requirements
    • Explain what you are looking for using searchable terminology
    • Outline the daily activities of the job
    • List certification requirements and educational degrees desired
    • Break up paragraphs for an easier read
    • Avoid acronyms—use those that are recognized in the industry NOT just your company.
  • Wrap up
    • Describe your company’s working environment and future goals
    • Salary range
    • Job location
    • Schedule
    • Benefits
    • Ask applicant to apply if they meet the requirements only

Once you have written your job title and description, make sure to take it for a test drive. If possible, allow the person who has held this position to read it and supply feedback.

Does your job title rank high in a search engine? Is the job description written for your intended audience?

The more accurate the job posting is, the faster you will attract the talent that is needed to fill the position.

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