Tips to Provide a Good Interview Experience for Your Candidates

In today’s fast-paced world, new buzzwords and phrases are created every day. The newest phrase to be added to the hiring process is “candidate experience.” Have you ever heard of this phrase? If so, why should it be relevant to your hiring process?

According to Gerry Crispin, SPHR, co-author of The Candidate Experience, he defines the candidate experience as “the attitudes and behaviors of individuals who aspire to work for a firm about the recruiting process, the stakeholders in the process, the work and the company itself as a place to work.”

The Talent Board, which puts together the Candidate Experience Awards, surveyed over 45,000 interviewees in regard to their job application process experience.

  • 61% who had a positive candidate experience would encourage others to apply to the same company
  • 27% of those who had a negative experience would discourage others from applying

Forbes outlines how to create an engaging and fruitful candidate experience:

  • Put yourself thru the applicant process – “walk in their shoes.”
    • Their experience is of utmost importance – keep it front and center
    • Role play with other’s to see where you can improve the process
  • Communicate with the applicant at each step
    • Many times a simple response via email is all the candidate is looking for
    • Always be transparent
  • Let your employees help in the hiring process
    • Consider having the potential applicant meet with one of your staff members to help assist you in determining if they would be a good match with your team
  • Personalize the process
    • Stay flexible
    • Remember that each person you interview and potentially hire is unique, keeping that in mind will serve your company well
  • Seek their feedback
    • Whether you hire them or not, utilize their feedback to help improve your applicant process

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