What Recruiters Want to See When They Look at Your Social Media Profile

Recruiters Looking at Social Media ProfilesIn today’s fast-paced world, job searching should be considered a fine art. It takes time, patience and creativity to get ahead of the pack when you are searching for the perfect job position.

The Richmond Hazelton Group can help you quickly scale your social media profiles to be major players in your job search quest. We can also help you leverage your profiles to help you connect with others in a professional and efficient manner

According to a recent article in Forbes that featured Brad Schepp, the author of “How to Find a Job on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Google+” shares some great tips. Utilizing a recruiter can easily help make these updates.

  1. Crafting consistent information across all of your social media profiles is critical.
  2. Remove any unfavorable content or utilize the privacy settings to manage it better.
  3. Use a quality professional photo for your profile picture. Remove any pictures that would a cast an unfavorable view of yourself to a future employer.
  4. Write convincing and credible profiles – engage your target audience as much as possible.  What would a Recruiter or HR manager find interesting and engaging?
  5. Once your profiles are in top notch condition, your recruiter can help you reach out to networks to find connections and become active in groups – posting and commenting – not for self-promotion, but to be seen as a thought leader for the greater good of the group.
  6. Follow or Like the companies that you are applying to. Make sure to like and comment on postings from the company when applicable.
  7. Never reach out to a connection to ask for a job – people need to know how much you care before they can trust and engage with you.

At the Richmond Hazelton Group, we understand that social media profiles are living documents of our life, and should be continually updated with fresh, authentic, engaging and relevant information.

Let us help you update your profile to help you stand out amongst them competition. Contact us today!


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