How to Stand Out to a Recruiter on LinkedIn

Standing Out to a Recruiter on LinkedInIn the “old days” – it was just you and your typewriter pecking out resumes, stuffing envelopes, and licking stamps to apply for jobs.

Things have changed in today’s fast-paced world – studies show that recruiters now rely heavily on LinkedIn to help them find the talent they are looking for. According to LinkedIn in 2016, there were over 430 million profiles.

Do you ever wonder what needs to be added to your LinkedIn profile to gain the attention of a recruiter? A recent CNBC article suggests some of the following:

  • Always remember that your LinkedIn profile is a living document – make sure you are always updating it, whether or not you are actively searching for a job
  • Upload a professional photo of yourself
  • Fill out all of the sections of your profile with engaging and truthful information – blank sections are sure to make the recruiter skip over your profile.
  • Many people leave the summary section blank – this area is the perfect place to highlight your top skills and goals
  • Did you know that recruiters often use location as a top search criterion?  Make sure your location section is filled out
  • When drafting your profile, use keywords that are commonly searched for in your industry
  • Dive in and join some key LinkedIn Groups in your industry – joining in their conversations can help your visibility to others.
  • Make sure you spell check, and grammar check all material on the profile, paying particular attention to tense in verbs.  Since LinkedIn doesn’t have spell check online, this can be accomplished by composing on Microsoft Word, running grammar/spell check and copying the proofed information onto your profile.

Writing a professional and personable LinkedIn profile takes time. If you are experiencing writer’s block or unsure your profile will read well to a recruiter, make sure to reach out to the Richmond Hazelton Group today!

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