Why You Shouldn’t Hire Someone You Like

“I work with leaders so that they can stop hiring people they like.”

Hiring People You LikeWhat a day! You have interviewed several possible candidates for your job opening and narrowed it down to two potential recruits. The first candidate completely amazed you and your personalities matched well. The second applicant had excellent qualifications and references, but you didn’t hit it off as well.

At the end of the day, you are leaning towards the first candidate, since you hit it off with each other, but is that the best decision for your company? Who should you hire?  At Richmond Hazelton Group, we can help you make the right decision.

According to TLNT, “(People are) prone to misjudgment because of internal biases and being influenced by emotions and past experiences. Also, there is an innate human tendency to avoid mistakes instead of achieving success…because of this hard-wiring, deep rooted in survival instincts and human psychology, it’s impossible to be objective and accurate in our perceptions, this pertains to every aspect of our life and becomes heightened when we’re dealing with other people…psychologists agree that the vast majority of what’s going on in our brain is in our subconscious. We don’t realize the misjudgments we’re making at every moment.”

Our brains were designed to gravitate to people we have something in common with or have a personality that aligns well with ours. For Hiring Managers, this can spell disaster, and it’s important to make sure that emotions or personalities do not play a part in hiring decisions.

Due to Richmond Hazleton Group’s personal work experience inside both large and small companies, we have “walked in the shoes” of most of the people that we serve, from the hiring manager to the Human Resources talent acquisition staff. This makes Richmond Hazleton Group uniquely positioned to represent our client in the marketplace in an efficient and professional manner.

Richmond Hazleton Group is a boutique, professional recruitment and search firm, focused on providing a cost-effective alternative to traditional search firms.

Let us help you to find the perfect candidate for the position. Contact us today!


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