5 Red Flags that Occur When You Hire the Wrong Person

5 Red Flags that Occur When You Hire the Wrong Person Congratulations! Just a few weeks ago you finished interviewing 20 people, narrowing it down to 5 potential candidates and finally hiring the perfect person to fill the position.

They started last week, but your gut is telling you that you hired the wrong person. Now what? How do you know that hiring this person was a mistake?

Here are 5 red flags to look for to help you decide:

  1. Does not  interact well with other employees
  2. Fails to execute without your constant support
  3. Takes time away from the office as soon as they start and did not mention this in the interview
  4. Pre-occupied with other things outside of work
  5. Leaves early or comes in late

Hiring the right person for the position is not just based on skill and experience, it’s based on many other aspects as well. During the interview process, it is essential to ask questions that the applicant can’t answer in a “cookie-cutter” or rehearsed manner.

At Richmond Hazelton Group, we are experts in asking the tough questions that will allow the “cream to rise to the top” and help you avoid hiring the wrong applicant the first time out of the gate.

We have personal work experience inside both large and small companies, and we have “walked in the shoes” of most of the people that we serve, from the hiring manager to the Human Resources talent acquisition staff. This makes Richmond Hazleton Group uniquely positioned to represent our client in the marketplace in an efficient and professional manner.

Richmond Hazleton Group is a boutique, professional recruitment and search firm, focused on providing a cost-effective alternative to traditional search firms.

Let us help you find the perfect candidate for your company’s position. Contact us today!

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