Learn the Secret to Hiring Someone Effortlessly

Learn the Secret to Hiring Someone EffortlesslyYou just lost your star employee, and you find yourself back to square one to find another great employee.

Time after time you thought you were hiring the perfect candidate for the position.  However, as time went on, you found out that you have been continually hiring the WRONG PERSON.  Now what?

Want to know the secret to making the hiring process simple, easy and productive? Use an outside firm that specializes in recruitment!

Here are a few benefits to working with a recruiting firm:

  • Save $$$ in the long-term
    • It costs far more time & money to rehire and retrain someone because you hired the wrong person than it does to use a recruiting firm the first time around
  • You can focus ON what your core objective is such as growing your company!
    • The hiring process is a distraction and slows growth
    • Slow growth = Less profit
  • We have access to top-notch candidates & more resources due to our connections and private networks
    • The top-level candidates may not be seeing your job listing online
    • Specialized talent is not quickly found
  • We can pivot rapidly to get out ahead of the pack to find you the perfect hire
  • When we hire the right candidate for you, it is a win-win situation for all involved
  • We source, recruit and select talent that will perform and stay with your company whereas most of our clients usually hire people they like!

At Richmond Hazelton Group, we are experts in asking the tough questions that will allow the “cream to rise to the top” and help you find the perfect new hire the first time around.

We have personal work experience inside both large and small companies, and we have “walked in the shoes” of most of the people that we serve, from the hiring manager to the Human Resources talent acquisition staff. This makes Richmond Hazleton Group uniquely positioned to represent our client in the marketplace in an efficient and professional manner.

Richmond Hazleton Group is a boutique, professional recruitment and search firm, focused on providing a cost-effective alternative to traditional search firms.

Let us help you find the perfect candidate for your company’s position. Contact us today!


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