Job Searching Tips for the New Year

Job Searching Tips for the New YearHappy 2018!

Did you know that January is a great month to be searching for a new position? Why?

Many Human Resource departments have just received their 2018 hiring budget, yearly bonuses have been paid out which can create job openings, and everyone is back in the office feeling refreshed from the holiday vacation.

While this is excellent and encouraging information to know, we wanted to share with you some tips to get you started off right for 2018:

  • Tune – up your resume
    • Make sure you have removed outdated information
    • Add any new experiences, certifications or education that you have completed in 2017
  • Streamline your cover letter/introductory email
    • Change adjectives to verbs
      • Revise “I am a multi-tasker” to “Worked to finish A, B, and C project at the same time to meet a certain critical deadline, while staying under budget by XYZ amount
        • Reference measurable accomplishments
      • Reach out to your references
        • Refresh their memory about your skills, accomplishments and experience levels
        • Share with them the type of position you are looking for
      • Update social media
        • Remove any unprofessional post or photos
        • Un-tag yourself when needed
        • Set your non-professional platforms to private
        • Create a consistent brand for yourself across all of your platforms
        • Review and update your LinkedIn profile – it must be flawless and compelling

Taking the time to follow these tips can put you ahead of the other would-be applicants. Having these things ready beforehand can help you act fast!

Don’t let 2018 pass you by – get started today! We will help you find the perfect position for you!

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