How to Save Time & Money Hiring the Right Person the First Time

Hiring AgencyYour company needs to start the hiring process again, and you are dreading it.

After hiring the last round of employees, it became clear the wrong people were hired, and it cost your company a great deal of time and money.

You have vowed to do things differently during this round of hiring!

Here are some helpful tips to make sure you hire the correct person the first time around:

  • Write a detailed job description
    • Build a hiring avatar
    • Create a very detailed checklist that includes:
      • Various duties that the applicant will be responsible for in this position
      • Level of experience required
      • Specific skills sets they will need to possess
    • Develop an interview strategy
      • Map out the ENTIRE interview process
        • Create a list of questions for the candidates
        • Add in talking points about your company culture
          • You want to hire a person who can fit into your company’s culture seamlessly
        • Develop an assessment scale to rate the applicant after the interview
          • Make sure to add a section for notes
            • What stood out to you during the interview?
          • Including even the smallest details can help differentiate candidates more
            • For example, when asked if they had any questions at the end, how did they reply?

These tips can help you develop a hiring strategy that gets the right results the first time around!

By investing more time and money during the interview process, you will be more likely to hire the right person, and it will cost your company LESS time and money!

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