What to Consider Before Accepting a Job Offer

Accepting a Job Offer - Recruiting FirmYou have submitted countless resumes and participated in numerous interviews. You have been “pounding the pavement” for a long time now.

Finally! You have several job offers that are very attractive! Great work!

Now, you need to decide which position and company you would like to work for.

Decisions, Decisions …

Here are some things to consider before accepting any job offer:

  • If you don’t understand your offer – ASK, DON’T ASSUME!
    • Companies expect new potential hires to have questions
    • Don’t sign on the dotted line until you get your questions answered
    • Get everything in writing – verbal agreements may not be honored
  • Benefits
    • Insurance and retirement packages can be tricky to understand
      • Make sure the package they are offering will work for you and your family
    • Discuss your offer letter if needed
      • Most likely your salary has been determined, but there are a few tweaks you could possibly make, could they add:
        • Flex time
        • Add perks once the company reach a certain level
      • Daily commute
        • Have you taken a test a drive to your new job location during the hours that you will be working?
        • Making a long-distance commute can get old fast. Are you ready for this?
      • Start date
        • Does that start date work with your current job?
          • Can you leave enough notice at your current position?
        • If relocation is needed:
          • Can you meet this deadline?
          • Do you need more time to make the move?

We get it.  You’re excited to take a new position, but don’t make the fatal mistake of “leaping before looking.”

At the Richmond Hazelton Group, we will help you determine which job offer would be the best fit for you.

We can help ensure that you have considered all of your job options and help you receive the best salary and benefit package possible.

Richmond Hazelton Group is a boutique, professional recruitment and search firm, focused on providing a cost-effective alternative to traditional search firms.

Contact us today to see how we help you select the perfect job!




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