Awesome Tips That Will Help You ACE Your Video Interview!

Awesome Tips That Will Help You ACE Your Video Interview - Hiring Firm - RecruitingThe interviews you have had in the past were face to face meetings and you felt very prepared for them – however this time around you have been requested to interview via video conferencing.

Don’t despair!

Here some tips that you can use to help you stand out above the crowd during your video interview:

  • Determine what video conferencing platform will be used
    • Skype, Zoom, and GoTo meeting are popular platforms
  • Make sure you know how to:
    • Share your screen
    • Mute and unmute
    • Turn off/on the video portion
    • Send a chat message
    • Upload files if requested
    • Use a headset if requested
    • How to access the meeting via a different way in case there are login issues
  • Practice with someone else
    • Have the person ask questions that would be typically asked in an interview
    • Make sure they give you feedback on:
      • Your hand gestures and body movements
      • How your appearance and dress attire came across
      • Movement
        • Fidgeting
        • Chair movement
        • Visual and audible distractions
      • Did you talk slowly and clearly
      • Background lighting and environment
      • You may be able to record your test run
    • Day Of
      • Dress from head to toe – you never know what might happen J
      • Minimize ALL noise outside of the room
        • Put the dog outside
        • Get a sitter for young children
        • Lock the door to the room you are in, so no one comes in accidently
      • Confirm all the settings on your computer and the conferencing platform are working correctly
      • Log in about 15 minutes ahead of the meeting

At the Richmond Hazelton Group, we can help you prepare for your video interview!

We can even help you practice to make sure all of your stumbling blocks have been addressed!

The Richmond Hazelton Group is a boutique, professional recruitment and search firm, focused on providing a cost-effective alternative to traditional search firms.

Contact us today to see how we help you ace your video interview!

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