To Send or Not to Send – Do You Still Need a Cover Letter?

Cover Letter - Richmond Hazleton Group - Resume, Cover Letter, Job Seekers, Job SearchBack in the day, pre-internet, it was customary to ALWAYS send a cover letter; however in today’s world, the rules have changed.

What are you to do?

Here are some tips we share with our clients to help them determine if a cover letter is needed:

  • If they ask in a job post to send a cover letter – ALWAYS SEND ONE!
    • By sending a cover letter, it shows you can follow directions
  • If they request one at any time during the hiring process – SUPPLY IT!
    • There is no harm in being prepared ahead of time
      • Drafting a cover letter at the beginning of your job search can pay off down the road
    • If you have worked in this position before
      • Share with the hiring company how you can bring value to the position
    • If you were referred to the job post
      • Make sure to mention the person who referred you
        • Always ask the referral if you can mention their name
      • Online applications – sometimes online application forms will not have a section where you can upload your cover letter
      • If they say DON’T send a cover letter – heed the warning!

Here’s the bottom line – if they say don’t send a cover letter, then don’t send one.

If you are in doubt, submit your cover letter!

Your job search can be a time-consuming process, filled with many twists and turns. Not to worry, let our team help you land your dream position!

Richmond Hazleton Group is a boutique, professional recruitment and search firm, focused on providing a cost-effective alternative to traditional search firms.

We will listen carefully to you to understand your career goals and explain to you the attributes of the job opportunity.

Let our years of experience help you to understand the trends and how they relate to you and the position you are applying for.

We will walk with you hand in hand to help you in your job search!

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