When Are the Best Times of Year to Job Hunt?

When Are the Best Times of Year to Job Hunt? - Richmond Haxleton Group - Job Search, Job Hunting - Copyright: <a href="https://www.123rf.com/profile_nexusplexus">nexusplexus / 123RF Stock Photo</a>We are often asked if there is a particular time of year for job searching and hiring that seems to yield the best results.  Our answers may surprise you!

Here are some thoughts about this topic that we like to share with our clients:


~ Winter

January and February are considered the top times of the year to be job searching. Companies are razor focused on their future goals in order to meet their first-quarter sales forecast. The HR department has a fresh, untapped hiring budget.

TIP: Don’t apply on Jan 1st, give companies time to recover from the holiday chaos! Apply in mid-January.


~ Spring

Job hunting in the spring can also be very fruitful. Don’t wait for the grass to grow too high!

TIP: May tends to be the most promising month, hiring managers don’t want to fall short and miss their mark so they may be relaxing some of their hiring criteria.



Unfortunately, the summer months tend to bring a hiring slump. Vacations and spent hiring budgets combine to make the perfect storm.

TIP: Tweak your LinkedIn profile and increase your online presence through networking in online groups – hiring managers tend to hang out on online more during the summer.



The last push before the holidays can reap some great results. September – vacations are over, kids are back in school and life gets more predictable for many. Companies tend to make the last big push during the Fall.

TIP: November and December can be a bust due to the holidays and lack of hiring budget. But don’t forget to attend those holiday parties for networking!


Whenever possible, make the most of the season you are currently in! Don’t wait or procrastinate – jump in now!

At the Richmond Hazleton Group we pride ourselves in giving you the best job search and hiring experience!

Let our years of experience help you understand the market trends and how to leverage them in your favor during your job search.

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