Job Seekers: Stand out with an Interview Portfolio

Job Seekers: Stand out with an Interview Portfolio - Richmond Hazleton Group - Job Seekers, Job Interview, Interview Portfolio

The process of landing a new position in your field of choice is much more competitive in today’s world than in previous decades.

It’s hard to stay ahead of your fellow applicants!

What can you do to help stand out above the numerous candidates?

Job searching has become an art form all to its self. And to be hired, you need to think out of the box!

Have you ever thought about assembling an Interview Portfolio?

An interview portfolio pulls from various aspects of your career – past positions, experiences, references and accomplishments, and then draws all of this information into a single presentation.  

Think of it as your “brag book” that you can use during your interview!

Here are some items to add to your career portfolio:

  • Resume
    • Modified for the position you are applying for
  • References
  • Recommendation letters
    • Positive work evaluations
  • Cover letter
    • Adapted to the job position
  • Education
    • Make sure to add any non-degree classes
  • Copies of degrees, licenses and certifications
    • Include distinguishing awards and accolades that speak to your character and previous job experience
  • LinkedIn Profile
    • Only include if your profile features your strengths and is complete
  • Work samples and project summaries that show your career achievements
    • Accomplishments
    • Reports
    • Spreadsheets
    • Project overviews
    • Concrete data

Did you know that only 3-5% of applicants present a career portfolio? Most people don’t understand the value in it or want to take the time to assemble one.

Putting together an interview portfolio can be the “secret sauce” that will put you ahead of all the other interviewees.

Let our team help you prepare your interview portfolio. Our years of experience can help you utilize your career portfolio in the best way possible. 

Richmond Hazleton Group is a boutique, professional recruitment and search firm, focused on providing a cost-effective alternative to traditional search firms.

Our years of experience can help you stay several steps ahead of the competition during your interview!

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