Sending a Thank You Note After Your Interview and Tips on What to Include

Congratulations! You have gone through another “hoop” in your job search – the interview!

Maybe you nailed it and hit a “home run” during your interview, or you had some hiccups in your response; either way, there is a next step you should follow.

The next step in the job seeking process is to email a thank you note within 24 hours to the interviewer and their team who were present at the interview.

Here are some things we suggest you should include in your email correspondence:

  • 1st Paragraph
    • Express your appreciation for the interview opportunity
  • 2nd Paragraph
    • Write briefly about your qualifications and why you are the best candidate for the position
    • Use keywords in the job listing
    • If you made a mistake in the interview, clear it up
  • 3rd Paragraph
    • Close and explain why you applied for this position
    • Give them a date of when you will follow-up with them, or restate the follow-up date they gave you
  • Key things to remember
    • If more than one person interviewed you – send each of them a personalized email, tailored to each person
      • TIP – get each person’s business card when you have completed the interview
    • Don’t be laid back, keep it professional
    • Check grammar and spelling – absolutely NO MISTAKES!
    • Add links to your work or LinkedIn account if it shows you in good light (which it should)
    • Subject line should read: Thank you – Job Position – Full Name

Sending a handwritten thank you note is such a simple gesture, yet it has a lot of impact, and not many people take the time to submit one!  

Let our team help you draft the perfect thank you note to send after your interview!

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