What You Should Know If You Are Searching for a Job If You Are Over 40

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Here’s a kicker – you go to bed on Monday night, secure in the fact that your life is headed in the right direction – you are happy with your job. Then WHAM, the next morning at 8:30 am you receive the gut-wrenching call, after 20 years of service, the company you have been faithfully working for is closing.

What a gut punch! Not an easy one to swallow for sure!

Well, it looks like it is time to dust your resume off and start the job search process!

Here are some things we like to share with our middle-aged clients to help them navigate the job searching world:

  • Resumes are sent thru a resume reader before an HR manager sees them for the first time
    • Fill your resume with keywords that are well known for the position you are applying for
    • Quantify your job experiences when possible
  • Recruiters spend about 6 seconds on each resume
  • Your summary needs to be keyword rich and eye-catching
  • HR managers are looking for reasons to toss your resume aside and move on
  • Craft each resume & cover letter to fit each position you are applying for
  • No need to go back more than 10-15 years of job experience on your resume
  • Update your LinkedIn profile to compliment your resume

You are probably thinking, can I do this, can I pivot and start over with another company? I am in my mid 40’s, and I have only interviewed once when I was in my early 20’s?

The answer is, YES, you can if you position yourself correctly in today’s marketplace!

Let our team help you promote yourself as an expert in your field!

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