Robots and Job Interviews: Who will be interviewing you?

Robots and Job Interviews: Who will be interviewing you? - Richmond Hazleton Group - job interview, AI, job seekers Imagine for a moment you have just received an automated email from a company inviting you to participate in a telephone interview. Finally, your persistence and hard work are paying off!

Once you confirm a date and time, you begin sharpening your phone interview skills and have confidence this audio interview will go well.

Then you call in for your interview, and quickly figure out that a robot, not a human, will be questioning you.

Now what?  You didn’t prepare for this curve ball!

With the unemployment rates at an all-time low and job openings at an unprecedented high, companies have a great desire to become faster and leaner in their hiring process to capture the top-notch talent before their competition whisk them away.

By using artificial intelligent (AI) interviewing robots, companies can shorten their interview process on average by 5-7 days.

Robot mobile interviewing is receiving mixed reviews.

Businesses can save time and money trying to find the perfect applicant. Potential candidates will need to find other ways to let their personality traits shine as robots are not biased and remain impartial at all times, something us humans can struggle with.

While robots can help companies work in a lean management atmosphere, they can never replace the need for the human interaction that occurs during an interview process.

After the automated interview, companies have a human review the recording and then pass the results, if favorable, onto the hiring management team to book a date for a sit-down interview.

We have come a long way in the past few decades regarding the advancement of technology, and for the most part, these advances have benefitted us in ways we could never imagine.

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