What is a letter of interest and how can it benefit your job search?

What is a letter of interest and how can it benefit your job search? - Richmond Hazleton Group - job search, letter of interest, job seekersLet’s face it, job searching done well takes time, creativity, and a thick skin! Some people say they have a new career – job searching!

Anyone can submit a resume – but to get chosen for the position ahead of the rest takes patience, flawless submissions and lots of effort.

A well-written letter of interest shows the hiring manager that you are acting proactively – many people won’t take this step.

Here’s how to draft the perfect prospecting letter:

  • It’s important to share with the company why you are interested in working with them
    • The first paragraph should be about introducing yourself and sharing why you want to work with them
    • Get their attention quickly
  • Learn about the company and include some facts that you learned about them
  • Share your most transferable skill sets in the body of the letter
    • Convince the hiring company WHY they NEED YOU and your SKILLSET!
      • It’s time to shine in a humble way
  • Make sure to include a Call to Action
    • CTA’s instruct the hiring manager what to do next
  • Think about the intent letter as another avenue for networking

Reaching out to a potential employer with a letter of intent will put you ahead of other job seekers. Why? It shows initiative – that’s a job skill that can’t be learned.  Any time you can take an extra step – sending a thank you, reaching out to follow-up, knowing about the companies demographics that you are applying to, or taking time to polish your interview skills – it’s a win for you and a win for the company!

Let our team help create a letter of inquiry that will stand out. Our years of experience can help you highlight your expertise in the best way possible.

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