What To Avoid Doing or Saying During Your Interview

What to avoid doing or saying during your interview - Richmond Hazleton Group - job interview, interview tips, job seekers -You have made it passed the resume readers! Your cover letter and resume have caught the attention of HR and you have just received a call to come into the interview!

Preparing for your upcoming interview can be nerve-wracking.

In the past, we have talked about what you should do to ace your interview, so in this blog we will give you a few top tips on what to AVOID doing:

  • Being apathetic
    • Showing up late
    • Dressing improperly
    • Poor hygiene
  • Using poor manners
    • Interrupting
    • Chewing gum
    • Taking the lead role away from the interviewers
    • Sharing too much information
      • When your interviewer says “Please tell us about yourself” – this is not the time to share your life story
    • Projecting negative body language
      • Crossing your arms
      • Leaning back and slouching or slumping in your chair
    • Badmouthing your previous employer
  • Coming unprepared
    • Researching the first page of a google search is not enough
      •  Learn about the company’s mission, values and other interesting facts
    • Not having questions to ask prior to the interview concluding
  • Not asking for their contact information
    • Build a rapport first, then at the end politely ask for their contact information
    • Not sending a thank you note or email
      • Always send a thank you note
        • Bring up some relevant points
        • Send within 3 hours of the interview ending

It’s vital to make a good and lasting impression and knowing what to avoid can help you rise above the competition and stay fresh in the mind of your interviewer!

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