How to Assess Candidates’ Skills During an Interview

How to Assess Candidates’ Skills During an Interview - job interview, interview tips, hiring - Photo by styles66It can be an exciting time when your company begins growing at tremendous speeds, and you find yourself looking to hire more employees.

We know that the hiring process can be an overwhelming task.  There are so many steps to hiring the right person for the position.

Are you struggling with the interview portion of the hiring process?

If so, here are some great hiring tips we suggest to our clients to have in place to help them build a firm “foundation” for their hiring process and better assess the applicants during their interview:

  • Create clear objectives for the position very early on in the application process
    • By doing this first, you will attract better-qualified applicants who are better suited for the position
  • Draft a standard set of specific questions that you will ask all applicants
    • You can compare the candidates more efficiently, fairly and remain objective
    • Ask about accomplishments and achievements rather than hypothetical questions.  “Give me an example of a time when…..”
  • Body posture – this can be very telling
    • Do they lean forward, slouch or lean back?
    • Are they easy to engage with?
    • Do they seem to fidget?
    • Do they engage the entire interview team?
  • How do they speak?
    • Less experienced applicants tend to talk about the future
    • More qualified candidates talk about their past more and lean on their previous accomplishments
  • First impressions aren’t always the most important – get to know your applicant more before you pass judgment on them

The hiring process is not for the faint of heart, and it’s vital to hire the right people who will work seamlessly with your goals and visions for the future of your company the first time around.

If you are struggling with your hiring process, let our years of experience help you find the perfect employee for your company based on assessing the above points, along with other key factors.

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