How to Find a Job During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Image of COVID-19What once was a robust economy, appears to be in shock at the moment, and many millions of Americans find themselves unemployed and wondering what the future will hold.

In this chaos, many prominent companies are looking for new talent to help ease the workload that has been thrust upon them. And because of that, they are looking to hire top talent.

But how do you find a job during this pandemic? Here are some suggestions:

  • Consider looking at a position for the short term
    • You may need to shelve your dream job for a bit, at least until the economy starts up again
  • Keep in mind HR departments are overwhelmed at the moment due to the remote work needs, but keep networking and reaching out to them to stay in touch
  • Ramp up your online networking
  • Reach out to your interviewers with empathy, let them know you understand these are uncertain times
  • If you have virtual experience, mention this when networking and connecting – offer to help in some way
  • If you have your eye on a particular company, learn how they are handling COVID-19 and how they are treating their employees- still a place for you?
  • Take time to catch your breath – job searching can be a fast pace environment
  • Sign up for online classes that are relevant to your field – never hurts to learn more

One thing is for sure, we are a resilient country, we will survive this, but during this time of hunkering down and staying at home, work can be found, if one knows how to leverage this moment.

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