10 Steps To Add to Your Job Seekers Checklist

Man sitting at desk making a list.Are you just getting back in job-seeking mode? Or maybe you find yourself looking for a career change?

No matter where you are in your job-seeking, it is wise to create a job seekers checklist.

This list can help you stay on track and not miss a vital step.

Here are a few tasks that need to make it onto your list:

  1. Start searching for the positions you are looking for
    • Just start looking, not applying at this point
  2. Make a list of your experience, strengths, and education
  3. Craft an industry keyword dense summary or profile statement
  4. Clean up all of your social media platform, especially LinkedIn
  5. Draft an impeccable resume and cover letter
  6. Reach out to your peers for references and/or request them to leave a LinkedIn review
  7. Once all the above is completed and checked twice, start applying for the positions you are seeking
  8. Fine tune your interview process and put in place your interview attire
  9. After the interview, reach out to the interviewers thanking them for their time
    • Make sure to put in a skill set or specific experience that you did not mention during the interview
  10. Begin to think about the salary, keeping in mind benefits

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