Hiring the Right Job Applicant During a Pandemic

Red background with white sign that says "We Are Hiring."From March to May, the unemployment rate increased dramatically. 36 million American’s found themselves suddenly unemployed.

As the economy reopened in June, many companies working with us are asking how they can find the right candidate amid the reopening of the economy.

Here are some tips for helping our clients find the right candidate during the COVID-19 economic reopening and recovery phases:

  • Pivot quickly to develop a new remote hiring process
  • Allow job applicants from outside of the local area to apply for positions that are now conducive to working remotely
  • Work with a recruitment firm – they have a talent pool waiting, and they can also bring together the applicants and company
  • Review previous candidates and reach out to them, especially those who caught your attention, but were not offered the positions
  • Post on various job posting sites and all of your social media platforms
  • Discuss your hiring needs with your current employees – they may know someone who is looking for the job position you are in need of
  • Before beginning hiring, make sure to outline exactly what you are looking for in a candidate – make a checklist of the skills you are looking for – if an applicant doesn’t meet your needs, make sure to remove them from your potential hire list
  • Ensure that the job applicant is at ease working remotely and has a professional manner about being set up to work virtually

Finding the right candidate during these unprecedented times may take a new strategy and require more time, but hiring foundation principals remain the same.

Let our team help you select the right candidate for your team! With our years of experience, we can help you easily find candidates during COVID-19 and beyond!

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