How Has the Pandemic Changed the Job Search Process

Mans hands typing on laptop searching for a job.It can be easily said that most of us had no idea how the coronavirus epidemic would change our lives.  Companies, who never once considered, are now allowing employees to work remotely from home to help flatten the curve and curtail the COVID-19 virus from spreading.

And while companies have changed their workplace atmosphere, they have also moved their hiring process to a remote online environment. There is no doubt that this move has changed the job search process forever.

Before COVID-19, the corporate world was hiring at unprecedented rates, the economy was booming and job applicants often found themselves with multiple offers, but this atmosphere has changed with the pandemic.

Here are some ways the job search process changed:

  • Companies have ramped up their HR departments by streamlining their hiring process
  • It is expected the applicant has mastered online video platforms, like Zoom
  • Job seekers are reaching out to professional groups online through Facebook and LinkedIn for networking
  • Video impressions are often the first person to person encounter
  • Some companies HR departments are experiencing slower than usual turnaround times due to a scaled-down staff
  • Body language and on-camera presence is vital to success
  • Companies are utilizing break out groups for onboarding – virtual staff meet and greets are commonplace
  • Follow-up and patience is key to succeeding – reaching out and expecting delays is commonplace in this current atmosphere
  • Take this time to sharpen your skill set by taking classes

But make no mistake, while many things have changed, many things have stayed the same – interview etiquette is still vital to success!

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