Job Interview: What You Should Be Doing Before, During, and After

Job Interview written in red on paper with red pen sitting next to it.At the onset of the coronavirus, HR departments were thrust into a shutdown vortex. They could either self-destruct or figure out how to pivot at warp speed. Companies that are thriving today mastered the pivot in a way that caused their company to grow.

Both employers and job seekers found themselves in unchartered territories, but like many things about the job-seeking process changed, many stayed the same.

From all of this monumental change, we have learned many things that a job seeker should be doing before, during and after the job interview.

Here are suggestions that we share with our clients who are preparing for their interview:


  • Research and learn about the company
  • Practice answering questions
  • Update your social media platforms
  • Dress impeccably – remote or not – you need to dress for success
  • Test your environment for lighting and distractions
  • Log on early to the virtual conference room


  • Pause before speaking – there may be a delay
  • Turn off your phone – avoid any office distractions
  • Elevate your display to give an appearance that you are looking at them, not down
  • Speak slowly
  • Be aware of your body position – don’t get too close to the display and maintain proper posture


  • Follow-up with a prompt email – thanking them and adding 1-2 skills you did not get to mention in the interview
  • Reach out for updates on the progression of your interviewing process
  • Have patience – there may be delays

There is no doubt that job searching practices have changed, and to stay current, one must adapt to the new virtual environment and find unique ways to be a frontrunner in the interview process.

Even though our team is working remotely due to COVID-19, we are ready to put our years of experience to work and help you stay ahead of the competition during your job searching process!

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