How To Keep Your Job Search Going During COVID19

Words job search with hand drawing arrow to the right2020, to say the least, has been an upside down year for many reasons!

The thriving economy came to a halt in March when worldwide lockdowns started. In the blink of an eye, the world changed – things we felt would always be there suddenly closed or stopped to slow the spread of the coronavirus.

One of the aspects that changed drastically in the job-seeking market was how potential hires searched for, were interviewed for and eventually hired for jobs. The pivot was so fast – enter remote hiring.

While corporations embraced the change, the new hire had to learn how to re-invent themselves moving forward. Here are a few “re-inventions” we have suggested to our job-seeking clients:

  • Learn to network in a virtual atmosphere – reach out on the social platforms where your industry hangs out and genuinely engage others with conversation
  • Your LinkedIn profile is even more critical – it’s the first place employers look, and to be honest, so do your peers – it’s got to be optimized for success
  • Get comfortable with Zoom video calls – people are longing for face-to-face meetings, even if it’s virtual
  • Be flexible with interview scheduling timelines
  • Set aside time daily that is dedicated to job searching
  • A good follow-up is key – reach out to the company for updates
  • Take online classes to improve your skillset
  • Research the industry you want hired into – what has changed in the industry due to COVID-19

There is one thing that will forever remain – employers are looking for someone with grit, loyalty and gumption. So, stick to it, don’t give up! Success is just around the corner!

Let our team help you find work during the COVID-19 pandemic! Our years of experience can help you stand out amongst the other applicants.

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