What Are Recruiters Looking For In Your Resume

Pen laying on top of resume on table.Our clients often ask us to share how they can stand out and get noticed to be interviewed.

There are numerous ways that your application can rise above all the rest, but there is no one “secret sauce” that can make this happen. It only happens when you have fine-tuned each of the steps in the hiring process – it’s like a package deal!

One part of the package deal is to have a stellar resume – I’m not talking about cute fonts and backgrounds. I am talking about having relevant content organized so that the hiring manager can take 6 seconds to understand and know who you are.

Yes, you read that correctly, 6 seconds.

Data shows that the HR manager only spends about 6 seconds to decide whether you will rise to the top or fall into the trashcan.

So, what is one to do?

Here are a few suggestions you can make right now after you finish reading this article:

  • Use a readable font, 12pts – Arial Narrow, Calibri or Helvetica
  • No spelling or grammar mistakes
  • Strong summary statement that uses keywords commonly used in the job field or job description
  • Tweak your experience to be geared to the description of the position
  • Add the job position title to the header
  • Site measurable outcomes – Increased profit margin by 30% – only site what you can confirm

Your resume must get through the resume reader and stand out to the hiring manager. If these two things don’t happen, you are not going to go to the next step. And how you stand out is by using the above suggestions.

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