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Our clients often ask us to share how they can stand out and get noticed to be interviewed. There are numerous ways that your application can rise above all the rest, but there is no one “secret sauce” that can make this happen. It only happens when you have fine-tuned each of the steps in the hiring process – it’s like a package deal! One part of the package deal is to have a stellar resume – I’m not talking about cute fonts and backgrounds. I am talking about having relevant content organized so that the hiring manager can take 6 seconds to understand and know who you are. Yes, you read that correctly, 6 seconds. Data shows that the HR manager only spends about 6 seconds to decide whether you will rise to the top or fall into the trashcan. So, what is one to do? Here are a few suggestions you can make right now after you finish reading this article: Use a readable font, 12pts – Arial Narrow, Calibri or Helvetica No spelling or grammar mistakes Strong summary statement that uses keywords commonly used in the job field or job description Tweak your experience to be geared to the description of the position Add the job position title to the header Site measurable outcomes – Increased profit margin by 30% – only site what you can confirm Your resume must get through the resume reader and stand out to the hiring manager. If these two things don’t […]

What Are Recruiters Looking For In Your Resume

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2020, to say the least, has been an upside down year for many reasons! The thriving economy came to a halt in March when worldwide lockdowns started. In the blink of an eye, the world changed – things we felt would always be there suddenly closed or stopped to slow the spread of the coronavirus. One of the aspects that changed drastically in the job-seeking market was how potential hires searched for, were interviewed for and eventually hired for jobs. The pivot was so fast – enter remote hiring. While corporations embraced the change, the new hire had to learn how to re-invent themselves moving forward. Here are a few “re-inventions” we have suggested to our job-seeking clients: Learn to network in a virtual atmosphere – reach out on the social platforms where your industry hangs out and genuinely engage others with conversation Your LinkedIn profile is even more critical – it’s the first place employers look, and to be honest, so do your peers – it’s got to be optimized for success Get comfortable with Zoom video calls – people are longing for face-to-face meetings, even if it’s virtual Be flexible with interview scheduling timelines Set aside time daily that is dedicated to job searching A good follow-up is key – reach out to the company for updates Take online classes to improve your skillset Research the industry you want hired into – what has changed in the industry due to COVID-19 There is one thing that will forever […]

How To Keep Your Job Search Going During COVID19

At the onset of the coronavirus, HR departments were thrust into a shutdown vortex. They could either self-destruct or figure out how to pivot at warp speed. Companies that are thriving today mastered the pivot in a way that caused their company to grow. Both employers and job seekers found themselves in unchartered territories, but like many things about the job-seeking process changed, many stayed the same. From all of this monumental change, we have learned many things that a job seeker should be doing before, during and after the job interview. Here are suggestions that we share with our clients who are preparing for their interview: Before: Research and learn about the company Practice answering questions Update your social media platforms Dress impeccably – remote or not – you need to dress for success Test your environment for lighting and distractions Log on early to the virtual conference room During: Pause before speaking – there may be a delay Turn off your phone – avoid any office distractions Elevate your display to give an appearance that you are looking at them, not down Speak slowly Be aware of your body position – don’t get too close to the display and maintain proper posture After: Follow-up with a prompt email – thanking them and adding 1-2 skills you did not get to mention in the interview Reach out for updates on the progression of your interviewing process Have patience – there may be delays There is no doubt that job […]

Job Interview: What You Should Be Doing Before, During, ...

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It can be easily said that most of us had no idea how the coronavirus epidemic would change our lives.  Companies, who never once considered, are now allowing employees to work remotely from home to help flatten the curve and curtail the COVID-19 virus from spreading. And while companies have changed their workplace atmosphere, they have also moved their hiring process to a remote online environment. There is no doubt that this move has changed the job search process forever. Before COVID-19, the corporate world was hiring at unprecedented rates, the economy was booming and job applicants often found themselves with multiple offers, but this atmosphere has changed with the pandemic. Here are some ways the job search process changed: Companies have ramped up their HR departments by streamlining their hiring process It is expected the applicant has mastered online video platforms, like Zoom Job seekers are reaching out to professional groups online through Facebook and LinkedIn for networking Video impressions are often the first person to person encounter Some companies HR departments are experiencing slower than usual turnaround times due to a scaled-down staff Body language and on-camera presence is vital to success Companies are utilizing break out groups for onboarding – virtual staff meet and greets are commonplace Follow-up and patience is key to succeeding – reaching out and expecting delays is commonplace in this current atmosphere Take this time to sharpen your skill set by taking classes But make no mistake, while many things have changed, many […]

How Has the Pandemic Changed the Job Search Process

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In March 2020, many businesses were forced to allow employees to work virtually due to stay at home orders caused by the coronavirus. If companies wanted to survive, they had to pivot their HR departments and modify their process of conducting in-person interviews to staging virtual interviews for everyone who applied to their open job positions. And because of the pandemic, you may find yourself being interviewed remotely. Here are some tips that will help you ace your interview: Conduct your interview in a private and quiet location Let others know in your surroundings that you will be on a video call Dress for success – yes, pants are required! This changes your demeanor to a professional mindset Test your internet connection Is your computer able to handle the load from the video connection? Clean background If a clean background is not an option, consider downloading a virtual background Test your audio and video connections within the video conferencing app you are using Check your eye level – does your computer sit high enough that you can look the other person in the eye and not look down on them Lighting – it can make all the difference – not too bright or dark – reduce any lighting glare when possible Test your voice level – too soft? Too loud? Body language is super important to keep in mind Wait until the other person is done speaking before replying to them – allow for a small pause before talking There […]

How to Ace Your Virtual Job Interview

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I think we could all easily say without hesitation that 2020 has been a whirlwind of change and unknowns. If you had told me that this shift to social distancing and mask-wearing would be coming to my state, city, neighborhood, and home, I would have thought that you might be overselling it. But here we are, and this is our “new normal.” When it came to hiring new employees, many companies had to pivot quickly and efficiently if they wanted to survive and thrive during the worldwide coronavirus and economic shutdown. One of the areas that companies needed to adapt quickly was changing from in-person hiring to remote recruiting. Here are a few things to keep in mind when interviewing and hiring employees virtually: Adapt quickly to remote technologies, such as Zoom, Skype, and other online conference rooms Explore Chatbots, SMS text, AI-tools, and resume readers Leverage your social media platforms by posting job listings and connect with potential hires Applicants will be expecting a more responsive and empathetic communication pipeline as they work their way through your hiring process Onboard new employees virtually Arrange remote “meet and greet our team” events for all new hires Request current employees reach out to new hires to welcome them to the team Make sure all of your video conferencing equipment is functioning correctly before interviews If conducting interviews from home make sure the background is free of visual and auditory distractions We are all in the same boat, but the waters are […]

Adapting to Remote Recruiting

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From March to May, the unemployment rate increased dramatically. 36 million American’s found themselves suddenly unemployed. As the economy reopened in June, many companies working with us are asking how they can find the right candidate amid the reopening of the economy. Here are some tips for helping our clients find the right candidate during the COVID-19 economic reopening and recovery phases: Pivot quickly to develop a new remote hiring process Allow job applicants from outside of the local area to apply for positions that are now conducive to working remotely Work with a recruitment firm – they have a talent pool waiting, and they can also bring together the applicants and company Review previous candidates and reach out to them, especially those who caught your attention, but were not offered the positions Post on various job posting sites and all of your social media platforms Discuss your hiring needs with your current employees – they may know someone who is looking for the job position you are in need of Before beginning hiring, make sure to outline exactly what you are looking for in a candidate – make a checklist of the skills you are looking for – if an applicant doesn’t meet your needs, make sure to remove them from your potential hire list Ensure that the job applicant is at ease working remotely and has a professional manner about being set up to work virtually Finding the right candidate during these unprecedented times may take a new […]

Hiring the Right Job Applicant During a Pandemic

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Due to the coronavirus, many of us found ourselves working from home for the first time, while others found ourselves filing for unemployment. If you found yourself unemployed or working from home, you may have begun to think about what your employment future will look like and if this is a good time to pivot to a new job, possibly in the same field, or maybe taking the leap of faith to change to a new career. If so, here are some telltale signs that it is time to find a job and what to do next: If you are “just thinking about it” – it’s a sign you need to, at the very least, explore your options To be successful at changing careers, you need to create a plan of action and research into the profession or industry you are looking to join Update your resume, fine-tune your LinkedIn page, touch up all of your social media pages – do it today! This way you will be ready when the economy opens for business again Take time to network, reach out to your contacts and form new connections Take online classes that would help you in your new career – online class offerings have skyrocketed due to COVID-19 Reach out to a career coach – they can help you narrow down your career path Partner with a job search firm – they can help you get up to speed very quickly and be ready to go Pivoting to a […]

How Do You Know When It’s Time to Find a ...

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Are you just getting back in job-seeking mode? Or maybe you find yourself looking for a career change? No matter where you are in your job-seeking, it is wise to create a job seekers checklist. This list can help you stay on track and not miss a vital step. Here are a few tasks that need to make it onto your list: Start searching for the positions you are looking for Just start looking, not applying at this point Make a list of your experience, strengths, and education Craft an industry keyword dense summary or profile statement Clean up all of your social media platform, especially LinkedIn Draft an impeccable resume and cover letter Reach out to your peers for references and/or request them to leave a LinkedIn review Once all the above is completed and checked twice, start applying for the positions you are seeking Fine tune your interview process and put in place your interview attire After the interview, reach out to the interviewers thanking them for their time Make sure to put in a skill set or specific experience that you did not mention during the interview Begin to think about the salary, keeping in mind benefits You want to be the one that stands out above all the other applicants! There are several tricks of the trade that we have learned over the years that help our job-seeking clients find their dream position. Let our team help you develop your skillset to meet the needs of […]

10 Steps To Add to Your Job Seekers Checklist

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What once was a robust economy, appears to be in shock at the moment, and many millions of Americans find themselves unemployed and wondering what the future will hold. In this chaos, many prominent companies are looking for new talent to help ease the workload that has been thrust upon them. And because of that, they are looking to hire top talent. But how do you find a job during this pandemic? Here are some suggestions: Consider looking at a position for the short term You may need to shelve your dream job for a bit, at least until the economy starts up again Keep in mind HR departments are overwhelmed at the moment due to the remote work needs, but keep networking and reaching out to them to stay in touch Ramp up your online networking Reach out to your interviewers with empathy, let them know you understand these are uncertain times If you have virtual experience, mention this when networking and connecting – offer to help in some way If you have your eye on a particular company, learn how they are handling COVID-19 and how they are treating their employees- still a place for you? Take time to catch your breath – job searching can be a fast pace environment Sign up for online classes that are relevant to your field – never hurts to learn more One thing is for sure, we are a resilient country, we will survive this, but during this time of hunkering […]

How to Find a Job During the Coronavirus Pandemic

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When the economy is growing and unemployment rates are at an all-time low, frequently job applicants find themselves juggling several attractive job offers at one time. And because it’s a job seeking marketplace, the applicant is not only looking at their potential salary but many other various factors as well. Here are some suggestions on how your company can attract top talent: Offer a salary that is competitive and in line with others in the same position within your company Consider posting a salary range within the job description When writing your job description, offer a glimpse into your company’s culture – what is it like to work at your company Talk about your culture on your website and social media platforms Get your employees involved in the process Let them sit in on the interview Provide them with specific questions and a role, in advance Allow them to ask and answer questions Have them take the applicant on a tour if possible Ask them what benefits attracted them to work for your company Ensure your company’s culture aligns with their priorities Offering remote work can help the applicant see you understand about life outside of work Offer the job applicant growth opportunities inside and outside of your company Talk to your current employees to find out what makes them continue to work for you Often you will find that the top talent will be interviewing you too! Knowing what they are looking for and what resonates with them can […]

How to Attract Top Talent

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It can be an exciting time when your company begins growing at tremendous speeds, and you find yourself looking to hire more employees. We know that the hiring process can be an overwhelming task.  There are so many steps to hiring the right person for the position. Are you struggling with the interview portion of the hiring process? If so, here are some great hiring tips we suggest to our clients to have in place to help them build a firm “foundation” for their hiring process and better assess the applicants during their interview: Create clear objectives for the position very early on in the application process By doing this first, you will attract better-qualified applicants who are better suited for the position Draft a standard set of specific questions that you will ask all applicants You can compare the candidates more efficiently, fairly and remain objective Ask about accomplishments and achievements rather than hypothetical questions.  “Give me an example of a time when…..” Body posture – this can be very telling Do they lean forward, slouch or lean back? Are they easy to engage with? Do they seem to fidget? Do they engage the entire interview team? How do they speak? Less experienced applicants tend to talk about the future More qualified candidates talk about their past more and lean on their previous accomplishments First impressions aren’t always the most important – get to know your applicant more before you pass judgment on them The hiring process is not […]

How to Assess Candidates’ Skills During an Interview

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In 2019, many sectors of our economy saw record growth rates. And with that growth, many people were hired along the way. Even in an economy rich with growth, it can be hard to find the perfect employee. Often employers overlook a vital employee sector that is filled with capable and well-trained candidates – the military! Companies may overlook veterans because they feel that ex-military personnel may not possess the civilian training that is needed for a position or that a serviceperson may only be able to follow orders given by others. This is far from true! Here are a few things to keep in mind when interviewing and hiring a veteran: Google has a search algorithm that helps match veterans to civilian jobs Many job recruiting sites pull from this algorithm by matching up military job codes to help veterans get matched with a position that best fits their skillsets Looking on veteran-specific job sites are a great resource to find a veteran that can meet your qualifications Your company may qualify to a tax credit when hiring a veteran: WOTC – Work Opportunity Tax Credit Returning Heroes Tax Credit Wounded Warriors Tax Credit Understand the skillsets that the military applicant has and how they translate to a position If you have hired other veterans in the past, ask them to review the potential hire’s resume and sit in on the interview Veterans are hardworking team players who can remain calm and think clearly during a stressful situation. They […]

How Hiring Veterans Helps Your Business Thrive

How to prepare for your job search in 2020 - Richmond Hazleton Group - job search, job seekers, job hunting - Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay
As we start to celebrate the holidays and ring in the new year, we tend to think of the past and work towards improving our future. Some of us have a clear path for the new year. Others are struggling with how to plan for 2020, especially if we are looking to pivot to a new career. Getting off of square one or developing a game plan can be an excruciating part of the process, but do not fear, we are going to help you get prepared for your job search journey in 2020! Here are a few quick tips we like to share with our clients as they enter the 2020 job searching world: Keep your job search moving forward – don’t let the holiday festivities derail your plans Take the time during the holidays to tweak your resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile You have 6 seconds to get the attention of the HR manager Ensure all of the items in your resume portfolio are rich with industry and job description keywords Update your cover letter date to 2020 – a simple task that many will miss Clean up ALL of your social media platforms Remove any questionable character photos Show yourself in a positive light Add any newly learned skills, programs, certifications or degrees that were earned in 2019 to your job portfolio During the holidays, make sure to be out and about shaking hands – often expanding your network will pay off in some form or […]

How to prepare for your job search in 2020

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Have you been submitting applications to various companies, but are not receiving replies to interview? Could it be that you are not highlighting the most needed skills that are in high demand in this 2019 job seeking season? How can you pivot your resume and skill set to meet the 2020 job skill needs? Let’s take a look at some of the most highly coveted skills and discover how you can tweak your current talents to meet these desired abilities in the 2020 marketplace: Could any of your keywords in your resume be tweaked to these? Service orientated Do you put the customer first? Do you work towards meeting the customer’s needs? Managing others Do you have the people skills and know-how to work with other team members? Ingenuity Do you think outside of the box to tackle certain situations? Critical thinking Can you analyze and evaluate a problem or situation to find a workable solution? Problem-solving Are you a good listener who can rally the troops to help find a solution? Unify others Can you get your staff or team to come together for a common problem? Encourage dialogue Do your people skills help others feel like they can add valuable feedback? In today’s world, you need to be at the top of your game – we get it, it’s hard to get past the resume reader, and it takes a wordsmith at times to get your resume in front of the hiring contacts. If you have the above […]

What skills do job seekers need in 2020?

What to avoid doing or saying during your interview - Richmond Hazleton Group - job interview, interview tips, job seekers -
You have made it passed the resume readers! Your cover letter and resume have caught the attention of HR and you have just received a call to come into the interview! Preparing for your upcoming interview can be nerve-wracking. In the past, we have talked about what you should do to ace your interview, so in this blog we will give you a few top tips on what to AVOID doing: Being apathetic Showing up late Dressing improperly Poor hygiene Using poor manners Interrupting Chewing gum Taking the lead role away from the interviewers Sharing too much information When your interviewer says “Please tell us about yourself” – this is not the time to share your life story Projecting negative body language Crossing your arms Leaning back and slouching or slumping in your chair Badmouthing your previous employer Coming unprepared Researching the first page of a google search is not enough  Learn about the company’s mission, values and other interesting facts Not having questions to ask prior to the interview concluding Not asking for their contact information Build a rapport first, then at the end politely ask for their contact information Not sending a thank you note or email Always send a thank you note Bring up some relevant points Send within 3 hours of the interview ending It’s vital to make a good and lasting impression and knowing what to avoid can help you rise above the competition and stay fresh in the mind of your interviewer! Let our […]

What To Avoid Doing or Saying During Your Interview

What is a letter of interest and how can it benefit your job search? - Richmond Hazleton Group - job search, letter of interest, job seekers
Let’s face it, job searching done well takes time, creativity, and a thick skin! Some people say they have a new career – job searching! Anyone can submit a resume – but to get chosen for the position ahead of the rest takes patience, flawless submissions and lots of effort. A well-written letter of interest shows the hiring manager that you are acting proactively – many people won’t take this step. Here’s how to draft the perfect prospecting letter: It’s important to share with the company why you are interested in working with them The first paragraph should be about introducing yourself and sharing why you want to work with them Get their attention quickly Learn about the company and include some facts that you learned about them Share your most transferable skill sets in the body of the letter Convince the hiring company WHY they NEED YOU and your SKILLSET! It’s time to shine in a humble way Make sure to include a Call to Action CTA’s instruct the hiring manager what to do next Think about the intent letter as another avenue for networking Reaching out to a potential employer with a letter of intent will put you ahead of other job seekers. Why? It shows initiative – that’s a job skill that can’t be learned.  Any time you can take an extra step – sending a thank you, reaching out to follow-up, knowing about the companies demographics that you are applying to, or taking time to polish […]

What is a letter of interest and how can it ...

Robots and Job Interviews: Who will be interviewing you? - Richmond Hazleton Group - job interview, AI, job seekers
Imagine for a moment you have just received an automated email from a company inviting you to participate in a telephone interview. Finally, your persistence and hard work are paying off! Once you confirm a date and time, you begin sharpening your phone interview skills and have confidence this audio interview will go well. Then you call in for your interview, and quickly figure out that a robot, not a human, will be questioning you. Now what?  You didn’t prepare for this curve ball! With the unemployment rates at an all-time low and job openings at an unprecedented high, companies have a great desire to become faster and leaner in their hiring process to capture the top-notch talent before their competition whisk them away. By using artificial intelligent (AI) interviewing robots, companies can shorten their interview process on average by 5-7 days. Robot mobile interviewing is receiving mixed reviews. Businesses can save time and money trying to find the perfect applicant. Potential candidates will need to find other ways to let their personality traits shine as robots are not biased and remain impartial at all times, something us humans can struggle with. While robots can help companies work in a lean management atmosphere, they can never replace the need for the human interaction that occurs during an interview process. After the automated interview, companies have a human review the recording and then pass the results, if favorable, onto the hiring management team to book a date for a sit-down interview. […]

Robots and Job Interviews: Who will be interviewing you?

Here’s a kicker – you go to bed on Monday night, secure in the fact that your life is headed in the right direction – you are happy with your job. Then WHAM, the next morning at 8:30 am you receive the gut-wrenching call, after 20 years of service, the company you have been faithfully working for is closing. What a gut punch! Not an easy one to swallow for sure! Well, it looks like it is time to dust your resume off and start the job search process! Here are some things we like to share with our middle-aged clients to help them navigate the job searching world: Resumes are sent thru a resume reader before an HR manager sees them for the first time Fill your resume with keywords that are well known for the position you are applying for Quantify your job experiences when possible Recruiters spend about 6 seconds on each resume Your summary needs to be keyword rich and eye-catching HR managers are looking for reasons to toss your resume aside and move on Craft each resume & cover letter to fit each position you are applying for No need to go back more than 10-15 years of job experience on your resume Update your LinkedIn profile to compliment your resume You are probably thinking, can I do this, can I pivot and start over with another company? I am in my mid 40’s, and I have only interviewed once when I was in my […]

What You Should Know If You Are Searching for a ...

Congratulations! You have gone through another “hoop” in your job search – the interview! Maybe you nailed it and hit a “home run” during your interview, or you had some hiccups in your response; either way, there is a next step you should follow. The next step in the job seeking process is to email a thank you note within 24 hours to the interviewer and their team who were present at the interview. Here are some things we suggest you should include in your email correspondence: 1st Paragraph Express your appreciation for the interview opportunity 2nd Paragraph Write briefly about your qualifications and why you are the best candidate for the position Use keywords in the job listing If you made a mistake in the interview, clear it up 3rd Paragraph Close and explain why you applied for this position Give them a date of when you will follow-up with them, or restate the follow-up date they gave you Key things to remember If more than one person interviewed you – send each of them a personalized email, tailored to each person TIP – get each person’s business card when you have completed the interview Don’t be laid back, keep it professional Check grammar and spelling – absolutely NO MISTAKES! Add links to your work or LinkedIn account if it shows you in good light (which it should) Subject line should read: Thank you – Job Position – Full Name Sending a handwritten thank you note is such a […]

Sending a Thank You Note After Your Interview and Tips ...

Are you trying to hire new talent, but find your potential employees don’t show up for the initial interview or quit not long after they are employed? If so, you are being “ghosted!” Ghosting occurs when job seekers book an interview and never show up, or newly hired employees leave shortly after being hired. Here are some tips to help you avoid being ghosted: Make certain that you are offering a competitive wage Higher starting wage trumps job security If the applicant is filling a highly skilled position, consider offering the higher side of pay to help entice them In today’s marketplace, jobs are plentiful—Job seekers can be more selective Offer opportunities for the applicant to improve their position in the company through learning and broadening assignments Clearly communicate (and recommunicate!) the value of all the benefits of working for your company Share with them why people choose your company The hiring experience can be a daunting, time-consuming and costly process. You want to make sure you hire the correct person the first time! Our team of experts will help your company avoid falling victim to ghosting! Our network for identifying key talent is based upon long-standing relationships with professional associations, leading consulting firms, university graduate programs and faculty, and an extensive network of industry contacts across the Fortune 500. These connections have enabled us to deliver results within demanding time-to-fill and interview-to-offer requirements, a win-win for clients and client-candidates alike. As a result of our personal work experience inside […]

Why Job Seekers are Ghosting their potential Employers

Job Seekers: Stand out with an Interview Portfolio - Richmond Hazleton Group - Job Seekers, Job Interview, Interview Portfolio
The process of landing a new position in your field of choice is much more competitive in today’s world than in previous decades. It’s hard to stay ahead of your fellow applicants! What can you do to help stand out above the numerous candidates? Job searching has become an art form all to its self. And to be hired, you need to think out of the box! Have you ever thought about assembling an Interview Portfolio? An interview portfolio pulls from various aspects of your career – past positions, experiences, references and accomplishments, and then draws all of this information into a single presentation.   Think of it as your “brag book” that you can use during your interview! Here are some items to add to your career portfolio: Resume Modified for the position you are applying for References Recommendation letters Positive work evaluations Cover letter Adapted to the job position Education Make sure to add any non-degree classes Copies of degrees, licenses and certifications Include distinguishing awards and accolades that speak to your character and previous job experience LinkedIn Profile Only include if your profile features your strengths and is complete Work samples and project summaries that show your career achievements Accomplishments Reports Spreadsheets Project overviews Concrete data Did you know that only 3-5% of applicants present a career portfolio? Most people don’t understand the value in it or want to take the time to assemble one. Putting together an interview portfolio can be the “secret sauce” that will […]

Job Seekers: Stand out with an Interview Portfolio

We think everyone can agree that finding your way thru the job seeking process can be, to say the least, very stressful and at times overwhelming. Everybody has the same goal in mind – to get hired! How you present and position yourself during the job interview can make the difference that tips the scales in your favor. Here are some critical questions to ask during your interview: Share with me what you visualize this position looking like in a few years. What other duties will I be accountable for? What do you feel would be the most difficult part of this job? In looking at my experience and background, what interests you the most? Do you have any concerns in hiring me for this position? Have a “Call to Action” Where are you in the hiring process? What steps should I take next? Do you need any more information from me to make a decision? If I don’t receive a correspondence from you in X amount of days, who should I reach out to for an update? At the conclusion of the interview, “ask for the order.” If you would genuinely like to work with the interviewer/employer say, “I have found this to be very interesting and I would be very interested in working for this company, if selected” When you ask the above questions, it is vitally important that you wait for the company to respond – let them speak first after you have asked each of these […]

Job Seekers: Are You Asking the Right Questions during your ...

We live in a fast-paced world, what worked last year for job seekers, might not work in 2019. The rules seem to change often, and sometimes the finish line gets further away.  That doesn’t have to be the case for you! Here are a few quick tips we would like to share with our clients before they apply for a job: Make sure your resume is filled with keywords that an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) would recognize so that you becomeas a  a potential candidate Companies want to know more about their applicants before requesting an interview with them Do you note in your resume measurable, verifiable facts about your previous corporate accomplishments? Your LinkedIn profile should match your resume and be up to date Do your social profiles show you in a positive light? Look for job positions in various places Often companies will advertise via their social media platforms Have a compensation package in mind It’s important to think this thru before the interview – it helps you to understand your self-worth People can be trained, but initiative can’t be learned! Before the interview, formulate a few questions that you would like to ask the hiring manager Learn about the company before the interview Very few applicants take the time to do these two tips – it can give you an edge over other candidates If the company requests that for you to take a personality test or attend a video interview – embrace it! They want to […]

What Skills Do Job Seekers Need in 2019?

No matter the reason, losing a job ranks up there with divorce and the passing of loved ones. It not only takes a toll on you financially, but emotionally as well. Most often your self-esteem takes a big hit. You may find yourself reliving each day at your job, micro-analyzing where you went wrong, how you could have prevented it or ways you could have financially protected yourself better. Here are some ideas for you to implement as soon as you can after you have lost your position: Consider how you will leave your current position- termination or resignation How you leave your current job can have a direct impact on your unemployment and retirement benefits Health Benefits Do you need health insurance? Can you add yourself to your spouse’s health insurance? COBRA payments can help you while you are unemployed, but can be expensive Start the process to receive unemployment benefits Apply with your state’s unemployment benefits website as soon as possible Evaluate your financial landscape Contact creditors to reassess your loans and monthly expenses Rework your monthly budget Rework your resume and prepare yourself to enter the job search arena Take care of yourself Remember – you can only control certain things – be kind to yourself! One thing is for certain, you need to “pick yourself up, dust yourself off and start all over again” as quickly as possible. It’s not only vital to your professional and financial wellbeing, but your emotional health too. Let our team […]

What Are Your Next Steps to Take When You Lose ...

Many of the larger companies are using applicant training systems (ATS) to read the applications and review work experience. Hiring managers spend an average of 6 seconds on scanning your resume to determine if they would like to bring you in for an interview. Here are 5 tips we like to share with our clients in drafting their resume: Keep it short and concise Use more than one page if you have over 10 years of experience Choose a readable font, 12-14 point font size Contact info should have the following information: Name Include any professional certifications/licenses like RN, Certified xyz, Ph.D., etc. Reachable phone number Update voicemail greeting if needed Email Html link is preferred LinkedIn Profile Should be listed as a clickable link Change your profile link address to your name Summary statement This is your elevator pitch “With over, xyz years of experience in the xyz industry, then add some concrete experience or skills.” No more than 3 sentences long List all of your experience—detail the most recent; company/title/location for those beyond 15 years.  Show all titles and career progression within each company. Don’t be vague about your skills and accomplishments; don’t list only responsibilities, instead show results: “Increased revenue by xyz%” Use concrete action words like accomplished, increased, developed, created, etc. 3 verifiable, measurable achievements per job description Keywords An ATS device reads resumes using specific keywords Use words that commonly describe your job position Use different variations of the keywords If you are going to be successful in […]

5 Things Your Resume Should Include

How to Stay Confident During Your Job Search - Richmond Hazleton Group - Recruiting Firm, Job Search, Hiring Firm
Let’s face it ~ job searching is not an easy task, it’s filled with twist and turns, ups and downs, triumphs and defeats! It’s not easy to stay confident during your job search! If you’re not careful, it can begin to erode your self-confidence and lead to endless worry and self-doubt Here are some tips you can put in place TODAY that can help you avoid a significant confidence drop while you are in the throngs of your job search: Be kind to yourself No matter the results, celebrate the small victories Meet face to face with friends and family weekly outside of your home Humans need to interact face-to-face with others – we need encouragement, we need to laugh, and we need to relax Exercise When you exercise endorphins are released – this helps to lower stress levels and boost self-esteem Remove yourself from toxic people and situations Smile at others A small random act of kindness like saying hello to a stranger or holding open a door for someone can help you in many ways Practice positive professional self-talk often This helps you when being interviewed – you have to sell yourself – share with your potential employer why you are the best choice Volunteer – when you help others, you feel better about yourself! Don’t quit – keep trying! Keeping positive throughout your job searching process can yield faster outcomes in helping you to find the perfect position! Let our team help you land your dream job […]

How to Stay Confident During Your Job Search

When Are the Best Times of Year to Job Hunt? - Richmond Haxleton Group - Job Search, Job Hunting - Copyright: nexusplexus / 123RF Stock Photo
We are often asked if there is a particular time of year for job searching and hiring that seems to yield the best results.  Our answers may surprise you! Here are some thoughts about this topic that we like to share with our clients:   ~ Winter January and February are considered the top times of the year to be job searching. Companies are razor focused on their future goals in order to meet their first-quarter sales forecast. The HR department has a fresh, untapped hiring budget. TIP: Don’t apply on Jan 1st, give companies time to recover from the holiday chaos! Apply in mid-January.   ~ Spring Job hunting in the spring can also be very fruitful. Don’t wait for the grass to grow too high! TIP: May tends to be the most promising month, hiring managers don’t want to fall short and miss their mark so they may be relaxing some of their hiring criteria.   ~Summer Unfortunately, the summer months tend to bring a hiring slump. Vacations and spent hiring budgets combine to make the perfect storm. TIP: Tweak your LinkedIn profile and increase your online presence through networking in online groups – hiring managers tend to hang out on online more during the summer.   ~Fall The last push before the holidays can reap some great results. September – vacations are over, kids are back in school and life gets more predictable for many. Companies tend to make the last big push during the Fall. TIP: […]

When Are the Best Times of Year to Job Hunt?

Cover Letter - Richmond Hazleton Group - Resume, Cover Letter, Job Seekers, Job Search
Back in the day, pre-internet, it was customary to ALWAYS send a cover letter; however in today’s world, the rules have changed. What are you to do? Here are some tips we share with our clients to help them determine if a cover letter is needed: If they ask in a job post to send a cover letter – ALWAYS SEND ONE! By sending a cover letter, it shows you can follow directions If they request one at any time during the hiring process – SUPPLY IT! There is no harm in being prepared ahead of time Drafting a cover letter at the beginning of your job search can pay off down the road If you have worked in this position before Share with the hiring company how you can bring value to the position If you were referred to the job post Make sure to mention the person who referred you Always ask the referral if you can mention their name Online applications – sometimes online application forms will not have a section where you can upload your cover letter If they say DON’T send a cover letter – heed the warning! Here’s the bottom line – if they say don’t send a cover letter, then don’t send one. If you are in doubt, submit your cover letter! Your job search can be a time-consuming process, filled with many twists and turns. Not to worry, let our team help you land your dream position! Richmond Hazleton Group is a […]

To Send or Not to Send – Do You Still ...

How Do You Know You Are Hiring the Right Person - Richmond Hazleton Group - Hiring Firm
Business is booming for you and the time has come to hire more help. Just the thought of starting the hiring process gives you chest pain! Don’t despair! Here are some quick tips that we always share with our clients to help them hire the right person for the position: Move the interview outside of the meeting room Take them on a tour of your company, introduce them to some of your staff Take them out for lunch Doing either of these can help show you how they treat others and about who they truly are Are they devoted to their career? If they aren’t committed, then when the going gets tough – they likely will not rise to the occasion Get creative with your questions – asking the usual questions may not uncover enough information We can help you determine the best creative questions to ask Request other employees sit in on the interview – they can bring a fresh perspective The hiring experience can be a daunting, time-consuming process – you want to make sure you hire the correct person for the position and your company! Our one-on-one approach will help you reach your goal of finding the right employee faster. As a result of our personal work experience inside both large and small companies experience, we have “walked in the shoes” of most of the people that we serve, from the hiring manager to the Human Resources talent acquisition staff. This makes Richmond Hazleton Group uniquely positioned […]

How Do You Know You Are Hiring the Right Person?

Awesome Tips That Will Help You ACE Your Video Interview - Hiring Firm - Recruiting
The interviews you have had in the past were face to face meetings and you felt very prepared for them – however this time around you have been requested to interview via video conferencing. Don’t despair! Here some tips that you can use to help you stand out above the crowd during your video interview: Determine what video conferencing platform will be used Skype, Zoom, and GoTo meeting are popular platforms Make sure you know how to: Share your screen Mute and unmute Turn off/on the video portion Send a chat message Upload files if requested Use a headset if requested How to access the meeting via a different way in case there are login issues Practice with someone else Have the person ask questions that would be typically asked in an interview Make sure they give you feedback on: Your hand gestures and body movements How your appearance and dress attire came across Movement Fidgeting Chair movement Visual and audible distractions Did you talk slowly and clearly Background lighting and environment You may be able to record your test run Day Of Dress from head to toe – you never know what might happen J Minimize ALL noise outside of the room Put the dog outside Get a sitter for young children Lock the door to the room you are in, so no one comes in accidently Confirm all the settings on your computer and the conferencing platform are working correctly Log in about 15 minutes ahead of the […]

Awesome Tips That Will Help You ACE Your Video Interview!

Accepting a Job Offer - Recruitment Firm
You have submitted countless resumes and participated in numerous interviews. You have been “pounding the pavement” for a long time now. Finally! You have several job offers that are very attractive! Great work! Now, you need to decide which position and company you would like to work for. Decisions, Decisions … Here are some things to consider before accepting any job offer: If you don’t understand your offer – ASK, DON’T ASSUME! Companies expect new potential hires to have questions Don’t sign on the dotted line until you get your questions answered Get everything in writing – verbal agreements may not be honored Benefits Insurance and retirement packages can be tricky to understand Make sure the package they are offering will work for you and your family Discuss your offer letter if needed Most likely your salary has been determined, but there are a few tweaks you could possibly make, could they add: Flex time Add perks once the company reach a certain level Daily commute Have you taken a test a drive to your new job location during the hours that you will be working? Making a long-distance commute can get old fast. Are you ready for this? Start date Does that start date work with your current job? Can you leave enough notice at your current position? If relocation is needed: Can you meet this deadline? Do you need more time to make the move? We get it.  You’re excited to take a new position, but don’t make […]

What to Consider Before Accepting a Job Offer

Asking the Correct Questions to the Applicant During the Inteview - Hiring Agency, Recruitment Firm
It’s been a long process hiring a new person. After sifting thru all of the applicants, you have decided to request interviews with the top candidates. It’s very important to step off on the right foot during the interview process, asking the right questions is key in this part of the process. During the interview you want to uncover new information, determine weakness and strengths and decide if this candidate would be a good fit your company’s culture. Here are a few questions to ask during your interviews: Ask questions about the company they are currently working for This helps you learn if they understand the scope of their current position Give me an example of how you handled constructive criticism in the past Share with me how you came to this point in your career Looking back, what would you have done differently? Share with me what you know about our company What makes our company stand out when comparing us to other companies? What is your work pace at your current position – steady, fast-paced or mock speed? Why do you want to work for us? What questions do you have for me? A red flag should go off in your mind if they do not ask any questions or if their questions are not relevant Interviewing is an art; it’s a dance, and when done correctly can yield you the perfect employee. When executed incorrectly, it can be very costly and detrimental to your company’s long-term success. […]

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Hiring the Right Person - Hiring Agency, Recruitment Firm
Your company needs to start the hiring process again, and you are dreading it. After hiring the last round of employees, it became clear the wrong people were hired, and it cost your company a great deal of time and money. You have vowed to do things differently during this round of hiring! Here are some helpful tips to make sure you hire the correct person the first time around: Write a detailed job description Build a hiring avatar Create a very detailed checklist that includes: Various duties that the applicant will be responsible for in this position Level of experience required Specific skills sets they will need to possess Develop an interview strategy Map out the ENTIRE interview process Create a list of questions for the candidates Add in talking points about your company culture You want to hire a person who can fit into your company’s culture seamlessly Develop an assessment scale to rate the applicant after the interview Make sure to add a section for notes What stood out to you during the interview? Including even the smallest details can help differentiate candidates more For example, when asked if they had any questions at the end, how did they reply? These tips can help you develop a hiring strategy that gets the right results the first time around! By investing more time and money during the interview process, you will be more likely to hire the right person, and it will cost your company LESS time and […]

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Outstanding First Impression at Your Job Interview - Hiring Agency, Recruitment Firm
A job interview is both exciting and nerve-racking at the same time because you want to leave an outstanding first impression with the hiring manager. Here are some tips to help you: Dress for Success Prep your outfit ahead of time Iron everything! If in doubt, change to another outfit Make sure your attire matches the personality of the company you are interviewing with Limit jewelry Clean and polish shoes, briefcase and/or tote you will be carrying into the interview Personal hygiene Tidy up hair, eyebrows, mustache or beard Don’t wear too much aftershave or perfume Once you arrive – do a final check from head to toe Get rid of any drinks, food or gum Check your breath Is everything buttoned & zipped? Is there anything stuck in your teeth? Is your hair in place and looking freshly trimmed or groomed? Practice smiling – it can help put you at ease TURN YOUR PHONE OFF! Practice saying the interviewer’s name(s) Mind your manners – many don’t! Walk in with confidence, not with an air of entitlement! Prep, Prep, Prep! Practice answering possible interview questions in front of a mirror Notice your posture, hand gestures, how many “um’s & ah’s you use Your replies should sound relaxed, not robotic Learn about the company you are interviewing with If asked, “Do you have any questions?” Don’t reply “Um, no, I am good!” Ask a relevant question With these tips, common sense and our help, the Richmond Hazelton Group will help you […]

How to Make an Outstanding First Impression at Your Job ...

Job Search Tips - Hiring Agency, Recruitment Firm
Happy 2018! Did you know that January is a great month to be searching for a new position? Why? Many Human Resource departments have just received their 2018 hiring budget, yearly bonuses have been paid out which can create job openings, and everyone is back in the office feeling refreshed from the holiday vacation. While this is excellent and encouraging information to know, we wanted to share with you some tips to get you started off right for 2018: Tune – up your resume Make sure you have removed outdated information Add any new experiences, certifications or education that you have completed in 2017 Streamline your cover letter/introductory email Change adjectives to verbs Revise “I am a multi-tasker” to “Worked to finish A, B, and C project at the same time to meet a certain critical deadline, while staying under budget by XYZ amount Reference measurable accomplishments Reach out to your references Refresh their memory about your skills, accomplishments and experience levels Share with them the type of position you are looking for Update social media Remove any unprofessional post or photos Un-tag yourself when needed Set your non-professional platforms to private Create a consistent brand for yourself across all of your platforms Review and update your LinkedIn profile – it must be flawless and compelling Taking the time to follow these tips can put you ahead of the other would-be applicants. Having these things ready beforehand can help you act fast! Don’t let 2018 pass you by – get […]

Job Searching Tips for the New Year

Finding "The Perfect Job" - Hiring Agency, Recruitment Firm
Are you are pounding the pavement and hammering away at the keyboard trying to find the perfect job but are coming up empty handed? Are you are frustrated with your results and are unsure where to turn to next? Partnering with a hiring agency is the secret to finding the “the perfect job!” Here’s why: Hiring agencies will help you to improve your job search skills by: Enhancing your resume Improving your social media platforms Finding your personal brand Advising and coaching you on how to develop your interview skills Communicating with you at every step of the job seeking process Act as your private coach during your job search Will take the time to listen to your career goals before making suggestions or offering job opportunities to you Share their knowledge of today’s trends in the marketplace and upcoming developments Hiring agencies are well connected to hiring managers, HR departments and companies who are looking for specific talent Showcase your talent to the correct companies and businesses Help you put your best foot forward and be your support system every step of the way At the Richmond Hazelton Group, we listen first to your career goals and then help you to develop an action plan. We will connect you with the best opportunities. Our one-on-one approach will help you reach your goals faster. We pride ourselves in transparently communicating with you throughout the entire job search process. The Richmond Hazelton Group is boutique, professional recruitment and search firm, focused on […]

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Learn the Secret to Hiring Someone Effortlessly - Hiring Agency, Recruitment Firm
You just lost your star employee, and you find yourself back to square one to find another great employee. Time after time you thought you were hiring the perfect candidate for the position.  However, as time went on, you found out that you have been continually hiring the WRONG PERSON.  Now what? Want to know the secret to making the hiring process simple, easy and productive? Use an outside firm that specializes in recruitment! Here are a few benefits to working with a recruiting firm: Save $$$ in the long-term It costs far more time & money to rehire and retrain someone because you hired the wrong person than it does to use a recruiting firm the first time around You can focus ON what your core objective is such as growing your company! The hiring process is a distraction and slows growth Slow growth = Less profit We have access to top-notch candidates & more resources due to our connections and private networks The top-level candidates may not be seeing your job listing online Specialized talent is not quickly found We can pivot rapidly to get out ahead of the pack to find you the perfect hire When we hire the right candidate for you, it is a win-win situation for all involved We source, recruit and select talent that will perform and stay with your company whereas most of our clients usually hire people they like! At Richmond Hazelton Group, we are experts in asking the tough questions […]

Learn the Secret to Hiring Someone Effortlessly

Don’t Make This Common Mistake: Hiring Someone Just Like You - Hiring Agency, Recruitment Firm
Your company is growing at a rapid rate, and you find yourself needing to hire someone very soon. You are met with a familiar dilemma – do you hire someone just like you with the same passion, drive, and skills or do you step out of your comfort zone and look for someone who has different qualities? Initially, you may be leaning towards a “mini-me,” however there are several issues that can arise. At Richmond Hazelton Group, we can help you make the right decision for your company. Here are a few thoughts on why you shouldn’t hire someone just like you: Because you may think alike, debate will most likely NOT occur, thereby stunting growth Deliberation + ideas = growth You could miss out on future projects because your “mini-me” is looking at the opportunity thru the same “lenses” that you are Hiring an employee that shares your same profile leads to less effective problem solving, as they most likely will look at the same parameters as you do in solving an issue While everyone on your team has the same goal in mind, hiring someone that has a different profile can lead to thinking “out of the box.” At Richmond Hazelton Group, we can help ensure that we present candidates to you that have different backgrounds, skill sets and personalities that will help round out your team. Due to Richmond Hazleton Group’s personal work experience inside both large and small companies, we have “walked in the shoes” of […]

Don’t Make This Common Mistake: Hiring Someone Just Like You

Tips for Hiring The "Right" Employee - Hiring Agency, Recruitment Firm
Your company has just experienced a growth spurt, and you find yourself in need of hiring some new employees. It can be a daunting and overwhelming task! Where do you start and how do you “thin the pack” to find the right employee? Do you hire based on personality, skills, references or all three? Not to worry, at Richmond Hazelton Group, we can help you make the right decision. But first, let’s take some time to share some tips to help guide you in your search: Write a descriptive description – be clear in who you are looking for – the more details, the better Fine tune your website and social media platforms – this is the first place the potential hires will look to learn about your company If you are trying to reach a millennial, having an outdated site can be a turn-off Remember you can train anyone to do some of the tasks you are looking, but you can’t make significant changes in a person’s personality When you receive applications – check out the applicant’s digital footprint – this can shed a great deal of light on the prospective candidate Make sure to address any online reviews – address both the negative and positive reviews – your online presence is first on list to be considered by possible candidates Due to Richmond Hazleton Group’s personal work experience inside both large and small companies, we have “walked in the shoes” of most of the people that we serve, […]

Tips for Hiring The “Right” Employee

5 Red Flags that Occur When You Hire the Wrong Person - Hiring Agency, Recruitment Firm
Congratulations! Just a few weeks ago you finished interviewing 20 people, narrowing it down to 5 potential candidates and finally hiring the perfect person to fill the position. They started last week, but your gut is telling you that you hired the wrong person. Now what? How do you know that hiring this person was a mistake? Here are 5 red flags to look for to help you decide: Does not  interact well with other employees Fails to execute without your constant support Takes time away from the office as soon as they start and did not mention this in the interview Pre-occupied with other things outside of work Leaves early or comes in late Hiring the right person for the position is not just based on skill and experience, it’s based on many other aspects as well. During the interview process, it is essential to ask questions that the applicant can’t answer in a “cookie-cutter” or rehearsed manner. At Richmond Hazelton Group, we are experts in asking the tough questions that will allow the “cream to rise to the top” and help you avoid hiring the wrong applicant the first time out of the gate. We have personal work experience inside both large and small companies, and we have “walked in the shoes” of most of the people that we serve, from the hiring manager to the Human Resources talent acquisition staff. This makes Richmond Hazleton Group uniquely positioned to represent our client in the marketplace in an efficient […]

5 Red Flags that Occur When You Hire the Wrong ...

Don’t Hire a Person You Like - Hiring Agency, Recruitment Firm
You have just finished interviewing tons of candidates and found the perfect person to fill the position because they have several qualities you like, they are very personable, but they are lacking in some key skills. STOP, WAIT Studies have shown that when you hire the person you like, your results in the future with this employee will not be in your company’s best interest. To help ensure you select the best applicant, reach out to the Richmond Hazleton Group – we are experts in hiring the best candidate for the position! Here are some simple suggestions that you can put into place to improve your hiring process: Think about changing the location of the interview Consider a place where they can’t “hide behind a table” Break bread with them – communication walls or facades come tumbling down during a meal Become more creative with your interview process Asking standard questions does not help bring out the talents of the interviewee Great questions to ask might be – “What did you like best about your last job?” “While at your last job, what made you stand out from everyone else?” Get others involved in the process Doing this will give you another set of “eyes and ears.” Others can help you make an objective decision, as they may see something that you did or didn’t see Due to Richmond Hazleton Group’s personal work experience inside both large and small companies, we have “walked in the shoes” of most of the […]

Don’t Make This Huge Mistake: Don’t Hire a Person ...

Hiring People You Like - Hiring Agency, Recruitment Firm
“I work with leaders so that they can stop hiring people they like.” What a day! You have interviewed several possible candidates for your job opening and narrowed it down to two potential recruits. The first candidate completely amazed you and your personalities matched well. The second applicant had excellent qualifications and references, but you didn’t hit it off as well. At the end of the day, you are leaning towards the first candidate, since you hit it off with each other, but is that the best decision for your company? Who should you hire?  At Richmond Hazelton Group, we can help you make the right decision. According to TLNT, “(People are) prone to misjudgment because of internal biases and being influenced by emotions and past experiences. Also, there is an innate human tendency to avoid mistakes instead of achieving success…because of this hard-wiring, deep rooted in survival instincts and human psychology, it’s impossible to be objective and accurate in our perceptions, this pertains to every aspect of our life and becomes heightened when we’re dealing with other people…psychologists agree that the vast majority of what’s going on in our brain is in our subconscious. We don’t realize the misjudgments we’re making at every moment.” Our brains were designed to gravitate to people we have something in common with or have a personality that aligns well with ours. For Hiring Managers, this can spell disaster, and it’s important to make sure that emotions or personalities do not play a part […]

Why You Shouldn’t Hire Someone You Like

Personal Branding Tips for Job Seekers - Hiring Agency, Recruitment Firm
There are so many different plates that you need to keeping spinning during your job search. We would like to give you some quick tips from Fast Company about how to develop personal brand: “YOU ARE YOUR BRAND” If you are currently job searching, most likely you have already taken some initial steps in creating your brand Resume Use high-value search words to describe your experience and accomplishments Fast Company suggests creating a word cloud to help you determine what words will stand out in your resume Copy & Paste your resume into a word cloud generator to determine which words stand out When listing your accomplishments, quantify them with hard numbers or evidence. EX “The sales revenues increased by X% due to XYZ which I was responsible for implementing”” Create a strong summary statement about your talents. “Business Manager with over XYZ years of XYZ experience in the XYZ industry. My expertise extends to x, y and z. Social Media – Think before you post to your social media accounts Remove any post or photos that would show you in a negative light Update all of your profile pictures to reflect who you are trying to portray to your potential employers Consider changing your privacy settings if needed Interview questions – practice answering thought-provoking questions before your interview Make sure you sound sincere with your answers Make sure your answers are brief and impactful.  Use numbers to quantify your results and always give the background, action and result of […]

Personal Branding Tips for Job Seekers

Standing Out to a Recruiter on LinkedIn - Hiring Agency, Recruitment Firm
In the “old days” – it was just you and your typewriter pecking out resumes, stuffing envelopes, and licking stamps to apply for jobs. Things have changed in today’s fast-paced world – studies show that recruiters now rely heavily on LinkedIn to help them find the talent they are looking for. According to LinkedIn in 2016, there were over 430 million profiles. Do you ever wonder what needs to be added to your LinkedIn profile to gain the attention of a recruiter? A recent CNBC article suggests some of the following: Always remember that your LinkedIn profile is a living document – make sure you are always updating it, whether or not you are actively searching for a job Upload a professional photo of yourself Fill out all of the sections of your profile with engaging and truthful information – blank sections are sure to make the recruiter skip over your profile. Many people leave the summary section blank – this area is the perfect place to highlight your top skills and goals Did you know that recruiters often use location as a top search criterion?  Make sure your location section is filled out When drafting your profile, use keywords that are commonly searched for in your industry Dive in and join some key LinkedIn Groups in your industry – joining in their conversations can help your visibility to others. Make sure you spell check, and grammar check all material on the profile, paying particular attention to tense in verbs.  […]

How to Stand Out to a Recruiter on LinkedIn

Recruiters Looking at Social Media Profiles - Hiring Agency, Recruitment Firm
In today’s fast-paced world, job searching should be considered a fine art. It takes time, patience and creativity to get ahead of the pack when you are searching for the perfect job position. The Richmond Hazelton Group can help you quickly scale your social media profiles to be major players in your job search quest. We can also help you leverage your profiles to help you connect with others in a professional and efficient manner According to a recent article in Forbes that featured Brad Schepp, the author of “How to Find a Job on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Google+” shares some great tips. Utilizing a recruiter can easily help make these updates. Crafting consistent information across all of your social media profiles is critical. Remove any unfavorable content or utilize the privacy settings to manage it better. Use a quality professional photo for your profile picture. Remove any pictures that would a cast an unfavorable view of yourself to a future employer. Write convincing and credible profiles – engage your target audience as much as possible.  What would a Recruiter or HR manager find interesting and engaging? Once your profiles are in top notch condition, your recruiter can help you reach out to networks to find connections and become active in groups – posting and commenting – not for self-promotion, but to be seen as a thought leader for the greater good of the group. Follow or Like the companies that you are applying to. Make sure to like […]

What Recruiters Want to See When They Look at Your ...

Tips for Acing Your Phone Interview - Hiring Agency, Recruitment Firm
Phone interviews can be a bit nerve-racking. In this article, we will share some top tips on how to ace it! According to US, there are various “tricks of the trade” that you can utilize before, during and after your phone interview: Dress for success – when we dress for success, it boosts our confidence levels Print your resume out – keep it nearby and refer to it often Open up any relevant websites before the call – the interviewer may request for you to take a look at something on their site or social media platforms Call from a landline in your home– preferably be in a room when you can shut the door. Keep pets in a safe location in your home – a barking dog or purring cat does not project a professional image. Smile –the caller can tell if you are enthusiastic about taking their call Book a meeting from a meeting – when closing the call, take the time to share why a face-to-face meeting is essential and schedule a time when that will occur before the call ends. Quickly send a thank you email after the call ends – a well-timed email thanking the interviewer for their call shows a significant amount of professionalism. It’s hard to believe, but many interviewees do not take this critical step. Which of these tips will you implement with your next phone interview? If you are looking to fine tune your phone interview skills even more, our […]

Tips for Acing Your Phone Interview

Job Searching Tips - Hiring Agency, Recruitment Firm
Do you suddenly find yourself plunged into the job search arena? Not sure of where to start? Feeling overwhelmed? At Richmond Hazelton Group, we are ready to help job applicants produce prosperous job searching results. Many job applicants believe that hiring managers have completed their recruitment process for 2017 by now.  However, the truth is many HR departments are just starting to ramp up again to begin filing vacancies that were not filled in 2016. Here are some tips to help you ramp up your job search this month: Everyone is back in the office – after a long holiday season, many companies are very encouraged to get up & running again. January and February prove to be the best months to be hired because many of the decision-makers are in the office at the same time. This can make a “yes” come faster! The hiring budget has just been released – new budgets are published at the beginning of each new year. HR managers are anxious to begin fulfilling their vacant positions. Many of the hiring decisions that were delayed due to the holidays are ready to be made due to an influx in the hiring budget. If you submitted your resume in November or December, January and February are a great time to resubmit it. Annual bonuses have just been received – many companies deliver their employee bonuses during the holidays. Some employees wait to make any jobs changes until after they have received their bonus. This can […]

Tips for Job Searching in 2017

Good Interview Experience - Hiring Agency, Recruitment Firm
In today’s fast-paced world, new buzzwords and phrases are created every day. The newest phrase to be added to the hiring process is “candidate experience.” Have you ever heard of this phrase? If so, why should it be relevant to your hiring process? According to Gerry Crispin, SPHR, co-author of The Candidate Experience, he defines the candidate experience as “the attitudes and behaviors of individuals who aspire to work for a firm about the recruiting process, the stakeholders in the process, the work and the company itself as a place to work.” The Talent Board, which puts together the Candidate Experience Awards, surveyed over 45,000 interviewees in regard to their job application process experience. 61% who had a positive candidate experience would encourage others to apply to the same company 27% of those who had a negative experience would discourage others from applying Forbes outlines how to create an engaging and fruitful candidate experience: Put yourself thru the applicant process – “walk in their shoes.” Their experience is of utmost importance – keep it front and center Role play with other’s to see where you can improve the process Communicate with the applicant at each step Many times a simple response via email is all the candidate is looking for Always be transparent Let your employees help in the hiring process Consider having the potential applicant meet with one of your staff members to help assist you in determining if they would be a good match with your team Personalize […]

Tips to Provide a Good Interview Experience for Your Candidates

Writing a Job Description - Hiring Agency, Recruitment Firm
Is your company growing at a rapid pace? Are you in need of hiring more employees? Are you unsure of how to write a job description that will be easily found and attract the right candidate? According to a recent study from the Journal of Business Psychology, a well-written job description, void of elaborate wording and clichés, will attract higher quality candidates faster. The job description should be written in a way that invites the applicant to want to learn more while keeping them engaged long enough to begin the submission process. Here are some quick tips from Indeed that you can utilize to refine your job description: Job Title Be short, sweet, searchable and accurate 5-80 characters are the preferred length Avoid catchy wording Describe the primary job responsibility Job Description The first sentence needs to grab the applicant’s attention 700-2000 characters are the preferred length Avoid flowery wording Do not list too many requirements Explain what you are looking for using searchable terminology Outline the daily activities of the job List certification requirements and educational degrees desired Break up paragraphs for an easier read Avoid acronyms—use those that are recognized in the industry NOT just your company. Wrap up Describe your company’s working environment and future goals Salary range Job location Schedule Benefits Ask applicant to apply if they meet the requirements only Once you have written your job title and description, make sure to take it for a test drive. If possible, allow the person who has […]

Tips on Writing a Better Job Description

Handling Job Offers - Hiring Agency, Recruitment Firm
After tweaking your LinkedIn profile, polishing your resume and nailing your interviews, you are beginning to receive job offers. Congratulations! When you begin to receive job offers, it may be difficult to know how to handle them. Here are a few tips to make this step of the job search process a success: Calm your excitement, take a deep breath and stop yourself from agreeing to the offer until you have received it in writing and have reviewed it. suggests if you have a hard time asking for a written offer, try this “Thank you for the job offer, it sounds fantastic. I am looking forward to taking some time to review it, when can I expect to receive a written version of the offer?” Never accept an offer unless you have studied the written proposal in detail. recommends that the proposal outlines everything. Job title, benefits, paid personal, sick and holidays days, vacation time, and a start date are all important details that should be noted. If more time is needed, ask for another day to review it. Don’t take forever to review the offer, but asking for another 24 hours should be well received. If you have questions, make a list of all of your concerns and contact the employer to have them answered. If warranted, request the updated offer be sent again in writing. If you need to negotiate the offer to suit your needs, now is the time to do so.  Make sure to […]

How to Handle Job Offers

Onboarding Employees - Hiring Agency, Recruitment Firm
Congratulations, you have finally hired the perfect employee!! The next step is to onboard your new hire. The first few weeks are critical, not only to your company’s success, but to the new hire’s longevity and the value they will create for your business. So where do you start? Onboarding is a costly endeavor, but when done correctly, your new employee can save you money in the long-term. Onboarding expert, George Bradt suggest following the “Three A’s – Accommodate, Assimilate, and Accelerate.” Accommodate – roll out the “welcome mat.” Give them a tour of the office. Introduce them to the key players within the company. Put together a “Getting to Know Us” package. This package can include small promo items that your company hands out or an overview of your business’s history, mission, and values. An employee contact list is also helpful. Assimilate – after they have met the team, pair them with a mentor. This mentor should be from the department in which the new hire will be working in. Pairing the new hire with a guide will allow them to ask questions that are vital to their new role. Accelerate – surveys show that new team members want to become productive as soon as possible, and not to be inundated with pages and pages of company policy information. Many employees state their reason for leaving is that they were not given a chance to become productive as soon as possible. While there are many moving parts to the onboarding process, following the “Three A’s” will help ease the transition. I believe that many […]

Onboarding New Employees using the Three A’s

Networking & Job Search - Hiring Agency, Recruitment Firm
According to an article in the Denver Business Journal, written by Jim Blasingame, “Networking is actively making professional relationships, developing and maintaining those relationships, and leveraging them for the benefit of all parties.” Networking increases your hiring potential. Did you ever wonder why you were not selected for the job when you had a perfect skill set and the interview went very well? One of the questions that you should ask yourself is, “Did I reach out to the hiring manager after the interview?” Writing a simple thank you email, with a link to an article you feel they would be interested in, is a great way to open the door for networking. Did you ever wonder how top executives were selected for their position? While their skill set and experience plays a significant role, their ability to network factors into the hiring equation as well. Many executives were placed into their position because of their capacity to network with others. Networking confirms the applicant can build and maintain relationships. Networking is a vital part of the hiring process. Did you ever wonder if reaching out to the hiring manager might be looked at as being too aggressive? Hiring managers understand how critical networking is in their working environment. They appreciate when a potential employee contacts them after their interview. Reaching out to them shows that you are willing to take a bold step, which many others are not taking. It is always best to reach out in person, by phone or via email after your interview. It shows the hiring manager that you value relationships. The individual who […]

Did You Know That Networking Is Important to Your Job ...

Using Your LinkedIn Profile As Your Resume - Hiring Agency, Recruitment Firm
According to Statista, over 433 million professionals make up the LinkedIn community. In today’s fast-paced world, headhunters and recruiters spend an average of 60 seconds reviewing a resume or LinkedIn Profile. While resumes still have a place in today’s job search, LinkedIn profiles are taking resumes to a new level. LinkedIn profiles are richer in content because they allow recommendations and endorsements from others. Both of these LinkedIn features add instant creditability. It carries a great deal of validity when your boss or former associates speak highly of you. Your LinkedIn account takes your resume to a deeper level by allowing you to highlight your achievements, showcase your portfolio and accentuate other information. These features help you rocket to the top of the list. Did you know there are LinkedIn Groups who encourage viewing numerous profiles? Multiple profile viewings can help your profile remain at the head of the list and increase your visibility to recruiters. By placing a professional profile picture on your account, you gain more “face time”. In the late 80’s, adding your professional photo to your business card was very popular. Statistics indicated that clients were less likely to cover up this type of business card. Adding a professional profile picture allows you to become 3-dimensional in a virtual world. LinkedIn is an excellent way to network with others. You never know where your connections will take you. When you pair your resume and your LinkedIn profile together, success is just around the corner!

Using Your LinkedIn Profile As Your Resume