What Are Recruiters Looking For In Your Resume

By mayerm | Feb 10, 2021 |

Our clients often ask us to share how they can stand out and get noticed to be interviewed. There are numerous ways that your application can rise above all the rest, but there is no one “secret sauce” that can make this happen. It only happens when you have fine-tuned each of the steps in…

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How To Keep Your Job Search Going During COVID19

By mayerm | Jan 13, 2021 |

2020, to say the least, has been an upside down year for many reasons! The thriving economy came to a halt in March when worldwide lockdowns started. In the blink of an eye, the world changed – things we felt would always be there suddenly closed or stopped to slow the spread of the coronavirus.…

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Job Interview: What You Should Be Doing Before, During, and After

By mayerm | Nov 18, 2020 |

At the onset of the coronavirus, HR departments were thrust into a shutdown vortex. They could either self-destruct or figure out how to pivot at warp speed. Companies that are thriving today mastered the pivot in a way that caused their company to grow. Both employers and job seekers found themselves in unchartered territories, but…

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How Has the Pandemic Changed the Job Search Process

By mayerm | Oct 7, 2020 |
Mans hands typing on laptop searching for a job.

It can be easily said that most of us had no idea how the coronavirus epidemic would change our lives.  Companies, who never once considered, are now allowing employees to work remotely from home to help flatten the curve and curtail the COVID-19 virus from spreading. And while companies have changed their workplace atmosphere, they…

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How to Ace Your Virtual Job Interview

By mayerm | Sep 16, 2020 |
Man and woman sitting at desk for job interview.

In March 2020, many businesses were forced to allow employees to work virtually due to stay at home orders caused by the coronavirus. If companies wanted to survive, they had to pivot their HR departments and modify their process of conducting in-person interviews to staging virtual interviews for everyone who applied to their open job…

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Adapting to Remote Recruiting

By mayerm | Aug 5, 2020 |
Digital recruiting

I think we could all easily say without hesitation that 2020 has been a whirlwind of change and unknowns. If you had told me that this shift to social distancing and mask-wearing would be coming to my state, city, neighborhood, and home, I would have thought that you might be overselling it. But here we…

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Hiring the Right Job Applicant During a Pandemic

By mayerm | Jul 8, 2020 |

From March to May, the unemployment rate increased dramatically. 36 million American’s found themselves suddenly unemployed. As the economy reopened in June, many companies working with us are asking how they can find the right candidate amid the reopening of the economy. Here are some tips for helping our clients find the right candidate during…

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How Do You Know When It’s Time to Find a New Job

By mayerm | Jun 10, 2020 |

Due to the coronavirus, many of us found ourselves working from home for the first time, while others found ourselves filing for unemployment. If you found yourself unemployed or working from home, you may have begun to think about what your employment future will look like and if this is a good time to pivot…

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10 Steps To Add to Your Job Seekers Checklist

By mayerm | May 13, 2020 |

Are you just getting back in job-seeking mode? Or maybe you find yourself looking for a career change? No matter where you are in your job-seeking, it is wise to create a job seekers checklist. This list can help you stay on track and not miss a vital step. Here are a few tasks that…

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How to Find a Job During the Coronavirus Pandemic

By mayerm | Apr 15, 2020 |

What once was a robust economy, appears to be in shock at the moment, and many millions of Americans find themselves unemployed and wondering what the future will hold. In this chaos, many prominent companies are looking for new talent to help ease the workload that has been thrust upon them. And because of that,…

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