How to Attract Top Talent

By mayerm | Mar 11, 2020 |

When the economy is growing and unemployment rates are at an all-time low, frequently job applicants find themselves juggling several attractive job offers at one time. And because it’s a job seeking marketplace, the applicant is not only looking at their potential salary but many other various factors as well. Here are some suggestions on…

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How to Assess Candidates’ Skills During an Interview

By mayerm | Feb 5, 2020 |

It can be an exciting time when your company begins growing at tremendous speeds, and you find yourself looking to hire more employees. We know that the hiring process can be an overwhelming task.  There are so many steps to hiring the right person for the position. Are you struggling with the interview portion of…

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How Hiring Veterans Helps Your Business Thrive

By mayerm | Jan 15, 2020 |

In 2019, many sectors of our economy saw record growth rates. And with that growth, many people were hired along the way. Even in an economy rich with growth, it can be hard to find the perfect employee. Often employers overlook a vital employee sector that is filled with capable and well-trained candidates – the…

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How to prepare for your job search in 2020

By mayerm | Dec 11, 2019 |

As we start to celebrate the holidays and ring in the new year, we tend to think of the past and work towards improving our future. Some of us have a clear path for the new year. Others are struggling with how to plan for 2020, especially if we are looking to pivot to a…

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What skills do job seekers need in 2020?

By mayerm | Nov 13, 2019 |

Have you been submitting applications to various companies, but are not receiving replies to interview? Could it be that you are not highlighting the most needed skills that are in high demand in this 2019 job seeking season? How can you pivot your resume and skill set to meet the 2020 job skill needs? Let’s…

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What To Avoid Doing or Saying During Your Interview

By mayerm | Sep 18, 2019 |

You have made it passed the resume readers! Your cover letter and resume have caught the attention of HR and you have just received a call to come into the interview! Preparing for your upcoming interview can be nerve-wracking. In the past, we have talked about what you should do to ace your interview, so…

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What is a letter of interest and how can it benefit your job search?

By mayerm | Aug 14, 2019 |

Let’s face it, job searching done well takes time, creativity, and a thick skin! Some people say they have a new career – job searching! Anyone can submit a resume – but to get chosen for the position ahead of the rest takes patience, flawless submissions and lots of effort. A well-written letter of interest…

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Robots and Job Interviews: Who will be interviewing you?

By mayerm | Jul 17, 2019 |

Imagine for a moment you have just received an automated email from a company inviting you to participate in a telephone interview. Finally, your persistence and hard work are paying off! Once you confirm a date and time, you begin sharpening your phone interview skills and have confidence this audio interview will go well. Then…

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What You Should Know If You Are Searching for a Job If You Are Over 40

By mayerm | Jun 12, 2019 |

Here’s a kicker – you go to bed on Monday night, secure in the fact that your life is headed in the right direction – you are happy with your job. Then WHAM, the next morning at 8:30 am you receive the gut-wrenching call, after 20 years of service, the company you have been faithfully…

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Sending a Thank You Note After Your Interview and Tips on What to Include

By mayerm | May 22, 2019 |

Congratulations! You have gone through another “hoop” in your job search – the interview! Maybe you nailed it and hit a “home run” during your interview, or you had some hiccups in your response; either way, there is a next step you should follow. The next step in the job seeking process is to email…

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