What Are Recruiters Looking For In Your Resume

Our clients often ask us to share how they can stand out and get noticed to be interviewed. There are numerous ways that your application can rise above all the rest, but there is no one “secret sauce” that can make this happen. It only happens when you have fine-tuned each of the steps in…

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5 Things Your Resume Should Include

Many of the larger companies are using applicant training systems (ATS) to read the applications and review work experience. Hiring managers spend an average of 6 seconds on scanning your resume to determine if they would like to bring you in for an interview. Here are 5 tips we like to share with our clients in drafting their…

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Using Your LinkedIn Profile As Your Resume

Using Your LinkedIn Profile As Your Resume - Hiring Agency, Recruitment Firm

According to Statista, over 433 million professionals make up the LinkedIn community. In today’s fast-paced world, headhunters and recruiters spend an average of 60 seconds reviewing a resume or LinkedIn Profile. While resumes still have a place in today’s job search, LinkedIn profiles are taking resumes to a new level. LinkedIn profiles are richer in content because they…

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